Industry - Healthcare

Industry - Healthcare

Bridge All Healthcare Gaps & Achieve Better Patient Outcomes LoginRadius solutions are engineered to simplify the complexities of modern healthcare identity management. Book a Demo Contact Sales E

Healthcare companies are responsible for shielding the most important data from the dark web: Safe Health Records (PHI). PHI raises the price of black market financial data by ten fold, making any healthcare company a highly tempting target for criminals, from solo practitioners to the national hospital network.

Stolen health records are extremely profitable and have a longer shelf life relative to financial documents. This implies that the more IT is used to monitor the work of health practitioners, labs, and hospitals, the more confidential information is created. That's a big cause of increased abuses of healthcare.

The LoginRadius identity solution pitches in.

Our solution for CIAM is streamlined, stable, and scalable. Healthcare companies can easily access their data anywhere, be it in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid environment. We understand the seriousness of personal risks associated with a healthcare-related data breach.

That’s why the LoginRadius Identity Platform respects patient privacy and prescribes continuous protection in real-time.

You can read more in detail about bridging the customer care gap in the healthcare industry here.

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