Resetting Focus After Selecting A Date With The jQuery Ui Dateselector

Resetting Focus After Selecting A Date With The jQuery Ui Dateselector

If you have been using jQuery I hope you have started using the jQuery UI library. I use the jQuery UI Datepicker plugin to left users select a date from a calendar when they enter a date input field.

If you have been using jQuery I hope you have started using the jQuery UI library. I use the jQuery UI Datepicker plugin to left users select a date from a calendar when they enter a date input field. The plugin works great, but an issue was raised by a user this morning that I had to also solve on with my previous client.

The customer is in the process of migrating from an old school main frame terminal to the more modern web application we were building them. Their normal user experience means tabbing between input fields. The user pointed out that once they selected the date from the datepicker the TAB focus was reset to the top of the DOM. This was not good because the user's normal flow was broken at this point.

The solution was to set the focus of the page back to the input field in the Datepicker's onClose event handler.

).datepicker({ showOn: 
, buttonImage: 
, buttonImageOnly: 
, onSelect: 
() { }, onClose: 
() { $(
).focus(); } });

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