Getting a Business Intelligence Internship at Amazon: How I Did It

Getting a Business Intelligence Internship at Amazon: How I Did It

Getting a Business Intelligence Internship at Amazon: How I Did It. The different stages of the process, so that you can do it too.

Getting a first job experience is the hardest thing ever. It becomes way easier if you have done one or two internships prior to that. That is why I decided to take I gap year to make myself some internship experience. I got my first internship in a French start-up in Paris as a Full Stack Developer. And just now, I got my second internship at Amazon Luxembourg, as a Business Analyst.

I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time. — Anna Freud

I know right. AMAZON. It is such a great and valuable experience. Besides being a renowned tech company, they also give real, interesting work to their interns, so they have a concrete subject to work on and something they produce.

Getting an internship at Amazon, or any other big tech company is not impossible for that matter. The process might be long, but it is worth investing your time in if it is what you want.

I Started Applying 6 Months Ago

Back in April 2020, deep in the COVID-19 crisis, I had to find an internship. So I opened Amazon Jobs and applied to every single internship that matched my interests and my capacities. I did not miss one, I was constantly checking the statuses of my applications, and checking the newly open positions.

It might seem long and tidy, and utterly depressing. But it is worth it. Amazon gets tons of applications, so maybe they have just not opened yours yet. Until they do. You did to be noticed just that one time. That is what happened to me.

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