JavaScript Date Constructor Behind the Scene.

JavaScript Date Constructor Behind the Scene.

JavaScript programmers still use Moment.js even they don’t really need it. Understand How the Date Constructor works and stop using Moment.

In the last few months, I have been working on a huge project that a lot of it uses dates and times. I had to do a lot of calculations of difference between minutes and hours and I started to get dipper to the Date constructor in JavaScript and to the system time in general. As long as I got dipper, I realize how it is so simple, and yet, programmers get lost even in small tasks.

Two things made me want to write this article. The first thing is, that a friend of mine that works as a Front-End Developer has been told by his Back-End coworker to use Moment.js. My friend was OK with the Native API but because the Back-End developer uses Moment on the server, he preferred that my friend will use it on the client-side too.

The second thing is a post that was published on the JavaScript Israel community Group on Facebook.

Why it’s can be so confusing?

One of the things that get programmers confused it’s the Time Zone. Yeah, we all know the Time Zone but we don’t really understand how it works on computers, and when we don’t understand that, we can easily get lost when we have to manipulate dates and times.

So here I’m, trying to make things a little bit clearer.

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