Simple React time input field

Simple React time input field

Simple React time input field.


Simple React time input field.



npm install --save react-simple-timefield

#for React <16 use: npm install --save [email protected]


import TimeField from 'react-simple-timefield';
    value={time}                     // {String}   required, format '00:00' or '00:00:00'
    onChange={(value) => {...}}      // {Function} required
    input={<MyCustomInputElement />} // {Element}  default: <input type="text" />
    colon=":"                        // {String}   default: ":"
    showSeconds                      // {Boolean}  default: false

Real world example

import TimeField from 'react-simple-timefield';

class App extends React.Component {
  constructor(...args) {

    this.state = {
      time: '12:34'

    this.onTimeChange = this.onTimeChange.bind(this);

  onTimeChange(time) {

  render() {
    const {time} = this.state;

    return (
      <TimeField value={time} onChange={this.onTimeChange} />

Run demo:

For running demo locally, replace:

import TimeField from '../';
// to
import TimeField from '../src';

in demo/index.js file.

# run development mode
cd demo
npm run dev


npm test
npm run format
npm run build


  • Support full time format with seconds
  • Tests
  • Custom input field (like Material UI TextField)
  • Custom colon
  • Support for Date object as value

Download Details:

Author: antonfisher

Official Website:

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