3 Ways to Merge Arrays in JavaScript

3 Ways to Merge Arrays in JavaScript

In this tutorial, we'll learn 3 ways to merge arrays in JavaScript using spread operator, array.concat() and array.push().

An array is a data structure representing an ordered collection of indexed items.

A common operation performed on multiple arrays is merge — when 2 or more arrays are merged to form a bigger array containing all the items of the merged arrays.

For example, having two arrays [1, 2] and [5, 6], then merging these arrays results in [1, 2, 5, 6].

In this post, you’ll find 3 ways to merge arrays in JavaScript: 2 immutable (a new array is created after the merge) and 1 mutable (items are merged into an array).

  1. Immutable merge of arrays
  • Merge using the spread operator
  • Merge using array.concat() method
  1. Mutable merge of arrays
  • Merge using array.push() method

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