A powerful web admin for your database

A powerful web admin for your database

piccolo_admin provides a simple yet powerful admin interface on top of Piccolo models - allowing you to easily add / edit / filter your data.

Piccolo Admin

piccolo_admin provides a simple yet powerful admin interface on top of Piccolo models - allowing you to easily add / edit / filter your data.


Try it

Try it online (username: piccolo, password: piccolo123).

Local Demo

To run a demo locally, using Python 3.7 or above:

pip install piccolo_admin

And then just launch localhost:8000 in your browser.

To see what happens behind the scenes, see piccolo_admin/example.py.

In a few lines of code we are able to:

  • Define our models
  • Setup a database
  • Create a REST API
  • Setup a web server and admin interface


Since the admin is an ASGI app, you can either run it standalone like in the demo, or integrate it with a larger ASGI app.

For example, using Starlette routes:

from piccolo_admin.endpoints import create_admin
from starlette.routing import Router, Route
import uvicorn

from my_project.tables import Director, Movie

admin = create_admin([Director, Movie])

router = Router([
    Route(path="/", endpoint=Hello),
    Mount(path="/admin/", app=admin),

if __name__ == '__main__':

Session table

The admin uses session auth, which requires a database table.

Add piccolo_admin.piccolo_app to the APP_REGISTRY in your piccolo_conf.py project file, then run:

piccolo migrations forwards session_auth

To learn more about the Piccolo project files, check out the docs.


The backend is just vanilla Python.

The front end is built using Vue.js. To make modifications, clone the repo, and cd into the admin_ui directory.

Install the npm dependencies:

npm install

And then you can launch the admin as follows:

npm run serve

It will auto refresh the UI as you make changes to the source files.

The UI needs an API to interact with - the easiest way to do this is to use the demo app.


# Or alternatively
python -m piccolo_admin.example

You will need to configure a local webserver as a proxy - see extra/piccolo_admin.

Download Details:

Author: piccolo-orm

GitHub: https://github.com/piccolo-orm/piccolo_admin

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