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Connor Mills


list of elements in configurationproperties and profiles

I am running an application with SpringBoot 2.1.1.RELEASE.

I have a yml file with list of elements configured in the default profile and also in a "local" profile

  one: oneOne, oneTwo
  three: nzerjpeojr 


  • id: idOne
    name: nameOne

profiles: local

two: twoOne,twoTwo


  • id: idTwo
    name: nameTwo

I want to map that configuration into a properties file whose definition is

public class MyProperties {
private Map<String, List<String>> listOfSimpleObjects = new HashMap<String, List<String>>();
private List<SubConfig> listOfObjects = new ArrayList<>();

public Map<String, List<String>> getListOfSimpleObjects() {
return listOfSimpleObjects;

public void setListOfSimpleObjects(Map<String, List<String>> listOfSimpleObjects) {
this.listOfSimpleObjects = listOfSimpleObjects;

public List<SubConfig> getListOfObjects() {
return listOfObjects;

public void setListOfObjects(List<SubConfig> listOfObjects) {
this.listOfObjects = listOfObjects;

public class SubConfig {
private String id;
private String name;

public String getId() {
return id;

public void setId(String id) { = id;

public String getName() {
return name;

public void setName(String name) { = name;

Running with the profile “local” I was expecting to have a MyProperties object with three elements in the listOfSimpleObjects and two in the listOfObjects but it is not the case.

Below a Junit test that tells me that there is only one element in the listOfObjects.

public class MyPropertiesTest {
private MyProperties props;

public void testOnListOfStrings() {
    // this assertion is ok :)

public void testOnListOfObjects() {
    // this assertion fails :(


I asked a colleague of mine who that it was all about the key of the elements as the yml file is at first represented in a big HashMap.

So I guess there is no real answer to the question I could ask, but anyway:

  • is there any way to have a merge version of the listOfObject ?
  • Could SpringBoot be enhanced in order to support such feature (ie in case of detection of a list of items the merge is possible)

Thanks for any kind of answer :)


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is there any way to have a merge version of the listOfObject ?
Out of the box, no as the documentation states :
is there any way to have a merge version of the listOfObject ?
About :
is there any way to have a merge version of the listOfObject ?
You can open an issue/request on the Spring Boot Git.

And you guessed it works for Map as the doc states :

is there any way to have a merge version of the listOfObject ?
As simple and limited workaround (it works with only one specific profile. With two you will still have the overriding issue) you could specify a new property name for the list in the yaml of the specific profile.

So you would have two lists but it doesn’t matter as finally you can merge it when the bean was completely loaded from the @PostConstruct annotated method.

Sample :

   private List<SubConfig> listOfObjects = new ArrayList<>();
   private List<SubConfig> listOfObjectsFromProfile = new ArrayList<>();

   //... getters and setters 

   public void mergeList() {

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Country State City Dropdown list in PHP MySQL PHP

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Country State City Dropdown List in PHP using Ajax

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  • Step 1: Create Country State City Table
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Osiki Douglas


List Comprehension

List comprehension is nothing but a shorter and crisper version of the code and also memory efficient. By using this we can either create a new list or perform some operation in an existing list.

The normal code for creating a list of 0–9 will be like

for i in range (10):

By using list comprehension

x=[i for i in range(10)]


As you can see the normal code is long but the code that we did using list comprehension does the job just in one line so list comprehension is preferred over the traditional method.

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