list of elements in configurationproperties and profiles

list of elements in configurationproperties and profiles

I am running an application with SpringBoot 2.1.1.RELEASE.

I am running an application with SpringBoot 2.1.1.RELEASE.

I have a yml file with list of elements configured in the default profile and also in a "local" profile

  one: oneOne, oneTwo
  three: nzerjpeojr 


  • id: idOne name: nameOne

spring: profiles: local

listOfSimpleObjects: two: twoOne,twoTwo


  • id: idTwo name: nameTwo

I want to map that configuration into a properties file whose definition is

public class MyProperties {
private Map<String, List<String>> listOfSimpleObjects = new HashMap<String, List<String>>();
private List<SubConfig> listOfObjects = new ArrayList<>();

public Map<String, List<String>> getListOfSimpleObjects() { return listOfSimpleObjects; }

public void setListOfSimpleObjects(Map<String, List<String>> listOfSimpleObjects) { this.listOfSimpleObjects = listOfSimpleObjects; }

public List<SubConfig> getListOfObjects() { return listOfObjects; }

public void setListOfObjects(List<SubConfig> listOfObjects) { this.listOfObjects = listOfObjects; } }

public class SubConfig { private String id; private String name;

public String getId() { return id; }

public void setId(String id) { = id; }

public String getName() { return name; }

public void setName(String name) { = name; } }

Running with the profile "local" I was expecting to have a MyProperties object with three elements in the listOfSimpleObjects and two in the listOfObjects but it is not the case.

Below a Junit test that tells me that there is only one element in the listOfObjects.

public class MyPropertiesTest {
    private MyProperties props;

public void testOnListOfStrings() {
    // this assertion is ok :)

public void testOnListOfObjects() {
    // this assertion fails :(


I asked a colleague of mine who that it was all about the key of the elements as the yml file is at first represented in a big HashMap.

So I guess there is no real answer to the question I could ask, but anyway:

  • is there any way to have a merge version of the listOfObject ?
  • Could SpringBoot be enhanced in order to support such feature (ie in case of detection of a list of items the merge is possible)

Thanks for any kind of answer :)

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