All together now: Bringing your GKE logs to the Cloud Console

All together now: Bringing your GKE logs to the Cloud Console

All together now: Bringing your GKE logs to the Cloud Console. Your Kubernetes logs are now in the Google Cloud Console’s GKE resource details pages, ready to explore with Cloud Logging.

Troubleshooting an application running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) often means poking around various tools to find the key bit of information in your logs that leads to the root cause. With Cloud Operations, our integrated management suite, we’re working hard to provide the information that you need right where and when you need it. Today, we’re bringing GKE logs closer to where you are—in the Cloud Console—with a new logs tab in your GKE resource details pages. 

With this feature, both logs and metrics are now available directly on GKE Workloads details pages while logs are available directly on GKE Cluster details pages. Logs on the details pages are all automatically scoped to the Kubernetes resource to help surface relevant logs quickly. On the Logs tabs for workload details pages, you can filter your GKE logs by severity and search for specific logs. By scrolling in the Logging component on the logs tab, new logs are loaded so that you can use real-time logs. For metrics, you can view CPU, memory and disk metrics on the workload details pages to understand Kubernetes resource health.

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