Publishing Flutter App To PlayStore

Publishing Flutter App To PlayStore

Why OPT Flutter to develop your app?

Why OPT Flutter to develop your app?

:: Flutter is a free and open-source tool to develop mobile, desktop, web apps with a single code base.

:: Setting up the Flutter environment on our machine is much easier and straight forward.

:: Technical architecture of flutter apps is a much easier, clean, and precise code structure.

:: It runs the application at 60–120 frames per second.

:: Google, as always, tends to provide clear and in-depth documentation for their products. They did it for Flutter documentation isn’t an exception.

Amost 100,000 + applications have been successfully published in the app store. There are lots of big companies that are using flutter to develop applications. So as a flutter developer you should know how to upload your flutter app to app stores. In this blog, we shall learn how to make our flutter ready for production and publish it on app stores.

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