Introduction to Graph Algorithm: Breadth-First Search Algorithm in Python

Introduction to Graph Algorithm: Breadth-First Search Algorithm in Python

Clear Understanding of Breadth-First Search Algorithm with Visuals

Graph form data is present in many popular and widely used applications. Web crawlers, computer networks, relational databases, and social networks are some good examples. The graph search algorithms are important for any section of computer science. Also, it is important and useful for many coding interviews.

There are a couple of different graph search algorithms available. This is one of the simplest algorithms for graph search and also a type of prototype for many other graph algorithms. Today I will explain the Breadth-first search algorithm in detail and also show a use case of the Breadth-first search algorithm. Here are the elements of this article:

  1. How the Breadth_first_search algorithm works with visuals
  2. Developing the algorithm in Python
  3. How to use this algorithm to find the shortest path of any node from the source node.
  4. Time complexity

Let’s start!

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