Mock APIs: Different Techniques for React and Angular

Mock APIs: Different Techniques for React and Angular

Different techniques you can use for API Mocking when developing Angular and React frontend features

In web development, specialization improves productivity. In line with this, we can find developers who specialize in frontend or backend. However, splitting work and combining them to deliver functionality isn’t that easy when it comes to development. But the good news is, there are proven techniques that work in these circumstances.

To improve productivity, frontend developers can start their work by hardcoding values or mocking the backend API.

Mocking the backend is especially useful when delivering or  sharing components as independent building blocks, using Bit ( Github). As mentioned before, you don’t want to deliver front-end features without testing them first, but at the same time, you don’t want to be coupled to other developers or teams.

This article will show how you can begin frontend development (and even deliver it independently) by mocking the backend.

Here is a list of topics I’m going to direct your focus towards.

  • Why Mock APIs?
  • What should be mocked? — A list of common modules suitable for mocking
  • JavaScript Libraries Available for Mocking
  • Mock React/Angular apps with JSON server
  • Angular CRUD backendless application with interceptors
  • React CRUD backendless application with Axios mock adapter
  • React CRUD backendless application with JSON server and Mirage JS

All the examples explained in this article have the same logic with the same components and one HTTP service for calling CRUD endpoints. The only difference between each example application would be the way of mocking.You can find the links to full source code alongside the examples.

Why Mock APIs?

Let’s start our discussion with “Why should we use Mock API.” To begin with, have a look at the following benefits of Mock APIs.

  • Frontend developers and backend developers can work in parallel, hence fast development.
  • UI/UX developers can start only the required backend mock APIs
  • The frontend can act as a standalone application during development without any backend API dependencies.
  • Enable offline development
  • Easy to demo
  • The mock API can easily be replaced with the Real API once it’s ready.

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