Text Mining: Best Real-World Applications in Use Today

Text Mining: Best Real-World Applications in Use Today

Text mining possesses a perfect solution for unstructured big data sets to be processed. It extracts valuable information from voluminous data stored in the cloud or data warehouses. Here is a look at the best real-world text mining applications demonstrating the pragmatic data techniques and impacting businesses.

A majority of organizations today glean and store voluminous amounts of data and this data is relentlessly growing at an exponential rate. Processing this amount of data, however, becomes a challenge for businesses with conventional tools. In this way, text mining has garnered much attention in the last few years, translating unstructured text data into meaningful and actionable insights. Also known as text analytics, text mining leverages various AI technologies to automatically process data and produce valuable information, enabling enterprises to make data-driven decisions.

In general, text mining refers to a multidisciplinary field incorporating the likes of data mining, statistics, machine learning, information retrieval, and computational linguistics.

Here is a look at the best real-world text mining applications demonstrating the pragmatic data techniques and impacting businesses.

Data Extraction

Data extraction technique refers to the extraction of insightful information from enormous trove of textual data. It involves the retrieval of data from diverse sources. The information extracted is then stored for further analysis or use in a separate database. Afterward, precision and reminiscence processes are used to check the efficiency and relevancy of outcomes to drive data-driven decisions.

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