Tribal art is a heritage that must be preserved and promoted.

Tribal art is a heritage that must be preserved and promoted.

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The concept of tribal art is one of the most controversial issues in art circles. Another name that passes through primitive art: it evokes myths from colonial superiority, the supremacy of Western culture and looking at the works of art from other cultures as intrinsically lower, it should only be observed as curiosity, a product of an undeveloped society. In spite of that, the influence called Tribal Art and considered the antique fine art has had in Western artists in the twentieth and 21st century, has been so great, has given birth to a large number of new movements and forms of expression, which possibly cannot pass Overl, nor is it seen as inferior.

Even so, the idea of the wild noble is just a new one. The beginnings of it can be traced up to the Renaissance. During that time, a notion of Arcadia arose, a concept of an established utopia in the depths of the past, on a vaguely classical land, where man lived in harmony with nature. It became a poetic Buying for an idyllic vision of the Virgin Desert. This later became an idealized image of the "Knight of Nature", an aspect of eighteenth-century sentimentality. The American Indians and the Scottish Highlanders, as well as several tribes in Africa, all played the role of (what the French called) Bon Sauvage in the minds of the educated city of Western Europe.

What is Tribal Art?

Tribal art (sometimes referred to as ethnographic art) denotes the material culture and visual arts of indigenous peoples. It is often ceremonial or religious in nature. The term more commonly covers African art (sub-Saharan Africa), the art of the Americas (for example, pre-pollirable indigenous cultures such as the Inca and Mayan art), and ocean art originated in Australia, Melanesia, New Zealand, and Polynesia. Until the 1960s, tribal art was mainly approached from a purely formal angle, analyzing and comparing only the form and style, without much time for the historical context, the symbolism or the intention of the artist. Fortunately, with the arrival of postmodernism, this has changed and massive collections in the museums of ethnographic and natural west history are being reevaluated and are seen in a new light.

Following the steps of antique tribal art, one can move to the prehistoric era of rock paintings and sculptures. It was during the hominous settlements dating around the third millennium before Christ. Little by little, the means of expression began to have religious influence and development of urbanism; Tribal art began to take space. An artistic form that does not have an established definition is largely a cultural, religious and social incarnation. The representation would be largely in the form of paintings, sculptures, vessels and jewelry. Indian popular art paintings are somewhat cover beliefs, rituals, stories and tradition of a particular place. The intangible heritage that the tribal population has, including the traditional knowledge system, contains many positive and productive elements that are really invaluable for all humanity. Despite its important role in integrating society and improving the sense of ownership with interested persons and culture, intangible heritage faces serious threats for its existence. In many parts of the rapid rhythm of India, the rhythm of modernization, has been taking toll. Danger also comes from the rapid process of globalization, homogenization and impregnated influence of Western culture. There is even a more critical situation that faces tribal culture: the intense pressure of adopting the cultural framework of the ruling class inside. Each human community has developed its own ways of life to meet human needs through the interaction process with a specific environment and the universe over the centuries. These processes provide living communities a sense of continuity with their previous generations and are important for cultural identity, as well as the safeguarding of cultural diversity and the creativity of humanity.

There are many challenging factors that are rapidly provoking permanent changes in the current and each one of us should be concerned mainly for the preservation of human cultural heritage in its multiplicity of ways and manifestations. Therefore, there is an urgent need to preserve intangible inheritance to contribute to the development of humanity.

Need for Preserving Tribal Cultural Heritage

The entire tribal society at present is going through the critical stage of transformation. Several modernizing forces have brought a rapid transformation in its entire socio-cultural environment. The cultural mixture is increasing and this will surely make a perceptible change in the lifestyle of the tribes. The changes presented through modern and scientific attitudes are a healthy signal for their development, but at the same time attention should be paid to preserve their traditional systems, which have an immense value. The art and culture of tribes should receive a new orientation and respectability in the general scheme of cultural development. The best features of both tradition and modernity must be synthesized for sustainable development.

Tribal people have rich traditions, cultures and inheritance with unique lifestyles and customs. To date, it is not being preserved. Today, the rich cultural heritage of the tribes manifested in its folklore, costume, jewelry and lifestyle, is under a serious threat, and can vanish into oblivion. There is no authentic documentation of traditional tribal lives, history and cultural heritage in India. At present, there is no center of excellence or a stop information center, which holistically holistic with tribal folklores, customs and traditions and its application to promote endogenous development. Bidsquare holds the live online auction where all the tribal art by the famous artist is been preserved and sold at auction for sale. So you can find the tribal art auction for sale with Bidsquare

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