Learn Golang - 8 Ways to Master the Go Programming Language in 2021

Learn Golang - 8 Ways to Master the Go Programming Language (in 2021)

Whether you’re a seasoned pro with multiple programming languages under your belt, or a relative novice just starting out, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be learning Golang.

Go stands a little apart from other languages in that it’s idiomatic. It’s not just about compiling the code, it’s about writing it with the Golang mindset, in the Golang way

We’ve put together 8 ways to master the Go programming language that are helpful for everyone from novices to senior programmers, and although these methods may be obvious to some people – they may not be as obvious to others.

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00:00 - Intro to learn Golang
02:19 - Going straight to the source
02:56 - Trust the system
04:22 - Step it up a notch
05:09 - Use the right tools
05:48 - Interfaces for the win
06:35 - No majority rule
07:31 - Always check
08:22 - Turn the tables

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Top 5 GoLang online courses:

  1. https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-how-to-code/?ranMID=39197&ranEAID=JVFxdTr9V80&ranSiteID=JVFxdTr9V80-8aR7vMvh.6r3hMXpI4R5ng&LSNPUBID=JVFxdTr9V80&utm_source=aff-campaign&utm_medium=udemyads

  2. https://www.udemy.com/course/go-the-complete-developers-guide/?ranMID=39197&ranEAID=JVFxdTr9V80&ranSiteID=JVFxdTr9V80-Qs2QdxjEm5s_HP_XGvzP6w&LSNPUBID=JVFxdTr9V80&utm_source=aff-campaign&utm_medium=udemyads

  3. https://www.coursera.org/specializations/google-golang?ranMID=40328&ranEAID=JVFxdTr9V80&ranSiteID=JVFxdTr9V80-R.NeZkrN0BNlctxjr24DNA&siteID=JVFxdTr9V80-R.NeZkrN0BNlctxjr24DNA&utm_content=10&utm_medium=partners&utm_source=linkshare&utm_campaign=JVFxdTr9V80

  4. https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/go-fundamentals?clickid=WYF0y8UHVxyLRuQwUx0Mo3kgUkEXQ92MZ0Vf3I0&irgwc=1&mpid=1193463&aid=7010a000001xAKZAA2&utm_medium=digital_affiliate&utm_campaign=1193463&utm_source=impactradius

  5. https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-go?utm_source=pepperjam&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_term=214453&clickId=3519178060&pj_creativeid=8-12462&pj_publisherid=214453

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Learn Golang - 8 Ways to Master the Go Programming Language in 2021

Learning Go — Array, Slice, Map

We have already seen how to create and work with variables, pointers, and Constants. In this article, we are going to see the four important collection types built into the language.
We start with humble Arrays, from there we move on to Slice, an evolved version of Array. From Slice, we talk about the map a key-value pair collection. Let’s start with Arrays here.

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Zander  Herzog

Zander Herzog


Secure HTTPS servers in Go

In this article, we are going to look at some of the basic APIs of the http package to create and initialize HTTPS servers in Go.

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(source: unsplash.com)

In the “Simple Hello World Server” lesson, we learned about net/http package, how to create routes and how [ServeMux](https://golang.org/pkg/net/http/#ServeMux) works. In the “Running multiple HTTP servers” lesson, we learned about [Server](https://golang.org/pkg/net/http/#Server) structure and how to run multiple HTTP servers concurrently.

In this lesson, we are going to create an HTTPS server using both Go’s standard server configuration and custom configuration (using [_Server_](https://golang.org/pkg/net/http/#Server) structure). But before this, we need to know what HTTPS really is?

HTTPS is a big topic of discussion in itself. Hence while writing this lesson, I published an article just on “How HTTPS works?”. I advise you to read this lesson first before continuing this article. In this article, I’ve also described the encryption paradigm and SSL certificates generation process.

If we recall the simplest HTTP server example from previous lessons, we only need http.``[ListenAndServe](https://golang.org/pkg/net/http/#ListenAndServe) function to start an HTTP server and http.``[HandleFunc](https://golang.org/pkg/net/http/#HandleFunc) to register a response handler for a particular endpoint.

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In the example above, when we run the command go run server.go , it will start an HTTP server on port 9000. By visiting http://localhost:9000 URL in a browser, you will be able to see a Hello World! message on the screen.

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As we know, the nil argument to ListenAndServe() call invokes Go to use the [DefaultServeMux](https://golang.org/pkg/net/http/#DefaultServeMux) response multiplexer, which is the default instance of ServeMux structure provided globally by the Go. The HandleFunc() call adds a response handler for a specific route on the multiplexer instance.

The http.ListenAndServe() call uses the Go’s standard HTTP server configuration, however, in the previous lesson, how we can customize a server using [Server](https://golang.org/pkg/net/http/#Server) structure type.

To start an HTTPS server, all we need do is to call ServerAndListenTLS method with some configuration. Just like ServeAndListen method, this method is available on both the http package and the Server structure.

The http.``[ServeAndListenTLS](https://golang.org/pkg/net/http/#ListenAndServeTLS) method uses the Go’s standard server implementation, however, both [Server](https://golang.org/pkg/net/http/#Server) instance and Server.``[ServeAndListenTLS](https://golang.org/pkg/net/http/#Server.ListenAndServeTLS) method can be configured for our needs.

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akshay L

akshay L


Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2021 | Top Programming Languages | Intellipaat

In this video, you will know the top 5 Programming languages to learn in 2021. It is always confusing for a beginner to choose a programming language from the pool of tens of languages. So we have come up with this video to help you out chose the best one to start your career with and learn programming fast.

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Houston  Sipes

Houston Sipes


10 Free Online Resources To Learn Swift Language

Swift is a fast and efficient general-purpose programming language that provides real-time feedback and can be seamlessly incorporated into existing Objective-C code. This is why developers are able to write safer, more reliable code while saving time. It aims to be the best language that can be used for various purposes ranging from systems programming to mobile as well as desktop apps and scaling up to cloud services.

Below here, we list down the 10 best online resources to learn Swift language.

(The list is in no particular order)

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Fannie  Zemlak

Fannie Zemlak


What's new in the go 1.15

Go announced Go 1.15 version on 11 Aug 2020. Highlighted updates and features include Substantial improvements to the Go linker, Improved allocation for small objects at high core counts, X.509 CommonName deprecation, GOPROXY supports skipping proxies that return errors, New embedded tzdata package, Several Core Library improvements and more.

As Go promise for maintaining backward compatibility. After upgrading to the latest Go 1.15 version, almost all existing Golang applications or programs continue to compile and run as older Golang version.

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