How to Create a Dynamic Dashboard in React

How to Create a Dynamic Dashboard in React

This blog provides a in-depth tutorial on how to create useful dynamic dashboards in React. We created Wijmo’s Dynamic Dashboard and made it available to all our users.

A while back, one of our customers asked for a demonstration on how to create a dynamic dashboard, like those created with the Google Analytics app.

Here are some key features of interest to the customer:

  • A catalog of pre-defined configurable tile types
  • Tiles featuring arbitrary UI elements such as rich text, charts, grids, and gauges
  • Customizable dashboards that let users add, remove, reorder, and configure tiles
  • Touch screen, drag and drop functionality for mobile users

We created Wijmo’s Dynamic Dashboard and made it available to all our users. The sample was implemented using Wijmo and Angular 1.x. When we released the Wijmo React interop , we decided to create a React-based version.Below we outline the steps for porting the dynamic dashboard sample to React. The React version of the sample looks exactly like the original, but the implementation is quite different.


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