quicksort Algorithmic in JavaScript

quicksort Algorithmic in JavaScript

quicksort Algorithmic in JavaScript explain in js

This is image title if we are used array in js it peovide collection of methed that found in javaScriptas push pop form and sort() before you start the algrathmic

What is Sorting?

it is only arranging elements in the order we want. You might have come across this in your school or college days. Like arranging numbers from smaller to greater (ascending) or from greater to smaller (descending) is what we saw till now and is called sorting. if you in javascript and used sort this shape of the example var items = [5,3,7,6,2,9]; console.log(items.sort()); //prints [2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9]

lets start to expline the Quicksort

Quick sort follows Divide and Conquer algorithm. It is dividing elements in to smaller parts based on some condition and performing the sort operations on those divided smaller parts. Hence, it works well for large datasets. So, here are the steps how Quick sort works in simple words.

  1. First choose an element which is to be called as pivot element.

  2. Next, compare all array elements with the selected pivot element and arrange them in such a way that, elements less than the pivot element are to it's left and greater than pivot is to it's right.

  3. Finally, perform the same operations on left and right side elements to the pivot element. look to this code

    if (arr.length == 0) {return []};
    var left=[];
    var right=[];
    var pivot=arr[0];
    for(var i=1;i<arr.length;i++){
    else {right.push(arr[i])}

} return quickSort(left).concat(pivot, quickSort(right));

} console.log(quickSort([5,8,2,1,9,1,0]))

explaine the code 
first chek if the length of array no equaleies  zero than   element the create 2 arr one for left and other for right select the pivot is the firest elment then create loop tom pass all elemnt in array the n check if elment more privent it will push in the right otherwise it add in the left the make call the aagin to implemantation to the leftside with connect withe right withe prive in the midalle  withe the  quickSort for right side untill the for loop it finsh 

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