All The Numbers From The State of Vue.js Report 2019

All The Numbers From The State of Vue.js Report 2019

Vue.js has evolved since we released State of Vue.js 2017. Its popularity is growing and the technology is getting better. Check out all the numbers from the 2019 edition and enjoy the read!

The popularity of the last edition of State of Vue.js surpassed our expectations. We got over 8k downloads from people all around the world. Many of them used the report to convince their teach leads, CTOs, or even themselves that Vue,js should be taken into consideration for their next project which was the exact thing we wanted to achieve.

And since a lot has changed for Vue, it’s time for the new case studies and data from its users.

Like its predecessor, this new, revised edition of the report was created for three main reasons. One, it was to serve as a reliable source of Vue.js business use cases to anyone interested in getting a sneak peek of how other companies use Vue.js. Two, it was supposed to reach individuals who have never heard of Vue and provide them with good reasons to give the framework a closer look. Three, with the report at our disposal, we’d never again have to convince our clients that Vue.js is a ready-to-use solution that has everything we need to build all kinds of applications.

But things have changed for Vue and it’s become much more stable and comprehensive than it has been 2017. Plus, we believe that startups and SMBs have finally realized the power of Vue.js and understand the value it brings. So we made it our mission to send the same message to enterprise-level organizations, as we know that some of them have already adopted the framework to great success—hence the IBM case study featured in this updated edition (which were outlined in the downloadable version).

Now, you can download the complete State of Vue.js report with case studies, survey data, and “Future of Vue.js” article from Evan You, or read on to discover all data and insights from this year’s survey.

Thanks to courtesy of Chris Fritz, we added some new questions which give some nice perspective on how deal with Vue.js in practice. Enjoy the read!

How Developers Use Vue.js?

Like its predecessor, the 2017 State of Vue report, this new, updated version was also supposed to allow us to learn more about the community of professionals using Vue.js framework. Using an online survey, we sourced data from both software developers and Chief Technology Officers which we then examined to gain the insights on:

  • the popularity of Vue.js in their organizations,
  • the reasons behind adding Vue to their tech stack and the doubts that accompanied the decision,
  • the solutions they choose when developing Vue projects,
  • the libraries/frameworks they use for frontend development,
  • languages used for backend development,
  • their predictions (and wishes) for the future of Vue.js.

Report Data

All data used to draft the report was collected in a survey conducted over a five-week period in November and December of 2018. We received 1,553 responses, mainly from software developers and Chief Technology Officers (88% of the respondents held one of these roles) whose organizations currently use Vue.

We also asked Evan You, Vue creator, and Szymon Korzeniowski, Head of Development at Monterail, to comment on the results of this survey, to give us even more insights and a better understanding of the broader context.

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