Creating Colormaps in Matplotlib

Creating Colormaps in Matplotlib

Creating Colormaps in Matplotlib. A guide to creating and customizing your own colormaps from a list of colors

Almost all the programmers who work with Python programming language know Matplotlib. It is one of the most used libraries. It is a multi-platform library that can play with many operating systems and was built in 2002 by John Hunter.

Nowadays, people start to develop new packages with more simple and more modern styles than in Matplotlib, like Seaborn, Plotly, and even Pandas uses Matplotlib’s API wrappers. But, I think Matplotlib still in many programmer’s hearts.

If you need to learn the introductory in using Matplotlib, you can check this link out.

Colormaps in Matplotlib

In visualizing the 3D plot, we need colormaps to differ and make some intuitions in 3D parameters. Scientifically, the human brain perceives various intuition based on the different colors they see.

Matplotlib provides some nice colormaps you can use, such as Sequential colormaps, Diverging colormaps, Cyclic colormaps, and Qualitative colormaps. For practical purposes, I did not explain in more detail the differences among them. I think it will be simple if I show you the examples of each categorical colormaps in Matplotlib.

Here are some examples (not all) of Sequential colormaps.

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