Gabriel  Olvera

Gabriel Olvera


Cómo hacer un pull request en GitHub

Cómo hacer un pull request en GitHub

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Cómo hacer un pull request en GitHub
Gabriel  Olvera

Gabriel Olvera


Cómo hacer un pull request en GitHub

Cómo hacer un pull request en GitHub

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Edison  Stark

Edison Stark


How to Compare Multiple GitHub Projects with Our GitHub Stats tool

If you have project code hosted on GitHub, chances are you might be interested in checking some numbers and stats such as stars, commits and pull requests.

You might also want to compare some similar projects in terms of the above mentioned stats, for whatever reasons that interest you.

We have the right tool for you: the simple and easy-to-use little tool called GitHub Stats.

Let’s dive right in to what we can get out of it.

Getting started

This interactive tool is really easy to use. Follow the three steps below and you’ll get what you want in real-time:

1. Head to the GitHub repo of the tool

2. Enter as many projects as you need to check on

3. Hit the Update button beside each metric

In this article we are going to compare three most popular machine learning projects for you.

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Kaia  Schmitt

Kaia Schmitt


How to Use Push and Pull Command in Flutter Project | Push & Pull | GitHub

Push and Pull Command - GitHub | Flutter

Github -

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How to Create a GitHub Pull Request Using Mergefly

Increase team productivity with Mergefly following these simple steps:

Kicking off a Pull Request

Let’s start by navigating to your repository on the Mergefly home page. While here, you can add repositories to your _Favorites _for faster future navigation.

Once in the repository, click on the “Create Pull Request” tab on the right pane. Then, set up from which branch you want to create a pull request. Keep in mind that you can fully preview a pull request on Mergefly before anything is visible to your team members.

Once you are ready to create the pull request, click the green “Create Pull Request” button on the bottom right of the screen.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a pull request. (Your pull request will be visible on GitHub as well)

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Sadie  Cassin

Sadie Cassin


IntelliJ IDEA. GitHub Pull Requests (2020)

ntelliJ IDEA has support for creating, reviewing and merging GitHub Pull Requests. These features are available if the IntelliJ IDEA project has a remote that points to github or github enterprise.
This screencast covers:

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