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hello. i have some exciting news about the technology necessary to produce quantum clocks.  ARCM clocks, because of their unique functionality, make possible simultaneous communications across arbitrary distances in space.  no more waiting half an hour to communicate with deep space probes.  i can  only imagine your skepticism, but i encourage you to read the patent disclosures.   you knew that faster than light communications had to be possible and they are, thanks to the ARCM technology.

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anita maity


Create an Analog Clock using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

We are going to build a real-time analog clock using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
We will create three files (HTML file, a CSS file, and JavaScript File), we also have an image of the clock that will be used in the background, and on top of that, we will make an hour, minute, and second hand (using HTML and CSS). These hands will rotate as per the system time (we will use the predefined Date function of JavaScript to calculate the degree of rotations of each hand).

HTML: It is a simple file having the basic structure of the webpage and ID for the clock’s body and for the second, minute, hour hands.
CSS: The CSS is used just for making the clock actually look a bit nicer. We have basically centered our clock in the middle of the webpage.
JavaScript: The JavaScript file will provide the logic behind the rotation of the hands.

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The essential feature that are integrated into Uber For Mechanics

The on demand mechanic app has driven to fast change in this digital age offering solution from the comfort of home. The success of the mechanic app was because of the simple accessibility for users. listed below are the break up the workflow. If you are planning on developing an on demand mechanics service app, here are a few elements that you need to consider.

Secure login- Users can simply login via OTP that is sent to their register mobile number.Social login is very easy so much so it takes under a second to create a profile.

Search for mechanic- With the history of the mechanic and the service score the mechanic profile is listed when search.

Book and schedule repair- The user can book the service to the check-out and schedule the pick up at their feasible time.

Repair status alerts- The user receives regular updates of the status of the work that has been done.

**Cancellation- **By providing with valid reason the user can either reschedule or cancel the booking.

Payment and Review- The payment can be made through digital wallet or national payment options and once the service is completed and after thorough inspection of the customer can rate and review the service.


People prefer to get things done most efficiently, and on-demand service apps have provided the perfect solution. They need not have to step outside their doorsteps and can get essential services to their home with a few taps and swipes on their smartphone. They have been a boon to service providers as they are able to boost their overall revenue conveniently. With every step subsequent to booking an uber for mechanic there are features that helps users experience more efficiently.

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Invest and encash from an profitable online venture with Uber For Mechanics

Owning a vehicle is a boon and sorrow with the growing/escalating city conditions. Every vehicle owner is faced with some trouble when having a vehicle. The real problem arises when the owners require quick and reliable assistance.

Now the rise of uber apps for different services have captivated many entrepreneurs and startups to come forward and launch a business in many on-demand sectors. Uber for mechanics is one such a domain offering great opportunities for newbies to enter and secure a place in the growing market.

The new players in town would need a tool to enter in the on-demand market. Clone apps like Uber For Mechanics provide the appropriate digital platform for them. These clone apps are significantly cheaper than building a new app from scratch. With endless customizations, the app can be reframed to fit all the essential business ideas that align with the app’s revenue generation.

These On-demand Mechanics App Development app should provide the users with their needs by performing every requested task effortlessly. To function at a superior state, the app must be integrated with the best and mindful features. It is essential not to crowd the app with all the features since it will bring down the user’s usability.

Let’s take a look at the features that play an important role.

Collective features that are helping in running a three-point business

Multi-payment portals
The customers are provided with all the national payment gateways for an easy and secure transaction.
With the feature, the customer and the admin panel can track the location of the service provider.
Mechanic profile
The customers, when booking a required service, can view the profile and history of the mechanic.
Intelligent dispatch
As soon as the customer books a service, the service provider is notified, and the serviceman receives an alert for immediate dispatch to the customer location.

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Abigale  Yundt

Abigale Yundt


While You Don't Understand Recursion, Read Recursion: by Randy Taylor

Recursion is the one idea I constantly use while I solve coding problems. Most of the time I don’t start by thinking “RECURSION WILL SOLVE THIS!”. However recursion just ends up being the logical way to reach an answer. In my professional opinion recursion is the purest form of coding; write a function that will call itself until you get what you want! To implement recursion we will create a helper algorithm. 1) Identify what the smallest input is. 2) Continually break down a larger input into smaller inputs and pass those smaller inputs back into itself until you get the desired answer. 3) Define a “base case” that will stop the Recursion should the answer not be found.

Let’s look at the idea of Recursion first. We are writing code that will execute itself until we get a desired answer or reach a base case. Essentially we are creating a loop. I will illustrate this with pseudo code:

for (let recursion =()=>{ …answer? answer = true : false} ; answer === false; recursion())

Much like a traditional for loop the above pseudo code will continue while the second condition is true; the recursion will continue until answer === true. At this point the second statement of the for loop is false terminating the loop. Above if answer === false recursion will call itself again. This is the general idea of recursion. This is why creating a base case is essential to prevent an infinite loop. The “answer” we are looking for might not be present causing recursion to run until the sun burns out.

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anita maity

anita maity


Create an Analog Clock using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

In this article, you are going to learn how to make an analog clock using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming code. Earlier I showed how digital clocks are made using JavaScript programming code. You must have knowledge of basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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