Microservices using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

Microservices using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

Microservices using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. Learn how to create a mircoservice using Spring Cloud. This complete Spring Cloud Tutorial will help you start off with microservices. Microservices - Java , Spring Boot , Spring Cloud. Microservice Registration and Discovery with Spring Cloud and Netflix’s Eureka.

Introduction to Microservices

Microservices are small, self-reliant services that work with each other to achieve a complex business goal. These services are independent and complete such that they can be built by various development teams, using different programming languages and data stores. Microservices are scalable individually and can be deployed automatically. They are easy to maintain and provide greater fault tolerance as compared to monolithic services. Yet, they are loosely coupled and are capable of interacting with each other to achieve the goals of a larger application.

Various tools are available in the market so that you can build software using a microservices architecture. Spring Cloud and Spring Boot are popular Java microservices frameworks.

Spring Boot is an opinionated application development platform built using the Spring framework that is used to develop Java web applications. At the same time, it is customizable, and you can configure it based on your requirements. Basic aspects of the spring cloud tutorial will be discussed in this blog.

Microservices Using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

This Spring Cloud tutorial provides a basic overview of building a simple microservices application using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. Further, the tutorial provides links to relevant documentation that will help you achieve your learning goals. You will need to do the following:

1. Create a New Service Using Spring Boot by Using the Spring Initializer

According to the spring cloud tutorial, the first step is to create a project structure using the Spring Initializer. The initializer provides a quick way of adding all dependencies that you need for your project. For example, you can choose the Maven project, Java, and Spring Boot version 2.0.0. Maven projects require a group ID and Artefact ID, similar to package and class in Java.

You will also need to choose dependencies, for example, Web (to start developing web applications), DevTools (makes it easy to develop applications), Actuator (to monitor the app), and Config Client ( to connect the application to the Spring Config server). Once you have selected all the options, you will generate the project. To learn more, refer to Starting with Spring Initializer on the Building a RESTful Web Service resource. Refer to  Spring Data JPA to learn how to connect to the database.

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