A First Look at React’s New Server Components

A First Look at React’s New Server Components

Explaining the new approach to fetching data in React.js.

Yesterday, the React team announced a new feature: Server Components.

The feature is still experimental; there is no real documentation yet.

What it’s about is simply put: data & component fetching in React.js.

Server Components allow us to load components from the backend. The components have already been rendered in the backend and can be seamlessly integrated into the running app.

So it’s a bit like server-side rendering but works differently.

Similar to what you know from Next.js with getInitialProps, server components can fetch data and pass it to front-end components.

However, unlike classic SSR, Server Components are a bit more dynamic. We can fetch a server tree during the app's execution; the client state is not lost.

They also work differently technically. With SSR, our JavaScript code is rendered into HTML on the server. This creates an HTML template, which is the visible part of our web page.

This is sent to the client, plus the JavaScript code used for interactivity. Thanks to SSR, we see something earlier, but the interactivity can be delayed.

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