Write Better JavaScript by Separating Side Effects From Logic

Write Better JavaScript by Separating Side Effects From Logic

This article will show you the transformation of a simple validation function with side effects to a more pure, functional version. I will delay the side effects as late as possible to achieve that. Through this example, I aim to show you the pattern to use in your everyday code.

The code in the software systems we write every day creates side effects.

Some of the side effects it creates are permanent, such as creating records in the databases and modifying file systems. Others are temporary, such as updating the user interface, printing to console, or caching information in the memory. Lighting up a smart lamp or launching a rocket into space are also side effects.

A software system with no side effects would probably have no value. Even if it calculates the meaning of life, it can’t communicate without creating a side effect. Such a system would be a black box where no one knows what’s happening inside.

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