React Loading Spinner | How To Add Spinner In React

React Loading Spinner | How To Add Spinner In React

React Loading Spinner | How To Add Spinner In React. When we are fetching a data, we need to show some progress bar or loading indicator or spinner that tells user that some process is going on wait, please wait to finitsh it.

React Loading Spinner Exampl is the leading topic; we will discuss today. In this tutorial, we define how to use spinner in react js. Each loader allows the loading state as a boolean.  The loading state defaults to false. It can be implemented for an async operation of the data load to view.  

React Loading Spinner Example

Spinners can be used to show the loading state in your projects.

Spinner improves user experience. Loading symbol gives users a feeling of “Content will appear soon”. This is better than keeping users wondering about the current status. Let’s create a react loading spinner!

I will use the Axios library to fetch the data from the  Github API. After we get a response from API, we disable the loader or activity indicator and display the data in the proper format.

First, we install React Project. We use create-react-app to generate the skeleton of the project.

react react js github api

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