The Beauty of Optional Chaining (?.) in TypeScript

The Beauty of Optional Chaining (?.) in TypeScript

Refactoring and reducing the amount of code, while achieving the same thing, is a satisfying feeling. TypeScript gives you ‘Elvis’ to help with that.

The optional chaining operator is supported all popular browsers except IE, Firefox for Andriod, Opera for Android and Samsung Browser.

The Elvis Operator (Optional Chaining)

More shorthand JavaScript notation for cleaner codeJavaScript moves fast and, as a result, TypeScript moves fast with it to push new features and innovations in the way we write JavaScript.All with the aim to increase developer productivity and improve the developer experience.Enter TypeScript 3.7…TypeScript 3.7 gave us the optional chaining operator ( ?. ) that has the ability to shrink our, otherwise long and complex, code. The refactoring possibilities with this operator become obvious as soon as you start to use it.Having learned Swift, it was always a feature that I thought was missing in TypeScript.I would always start to write it, realize I was thinking in the wrong language, then wonder why it’s not part of JavaScript **while beginning to write the more daunting version containing multiple && , !== and ? ‘s.The reason I was subconsciously writing optional chainingwas that it just spoke common sense to me. **Having to write the alternative in TypeScript used to be verbose, time-consuming, and repetitive. That was until it was finally implemented. I have never looked back.

What’s great about TypeScript, is that you always get to use the latest features, because you just transpile to standard JavaScript in the end anyway.

What’s the logic behind it?

When using dot (.) notation to access properties/methods, instead of causing an error if a reference (the object) is nullish (null or undefined), the expression short-circuits, returning undefined.

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