Based on React-Nativethe Bangumi third-party client

Based on React-Nativethe Bangumi third-party client

Based on React-Nativethe Bangumi third-party client The project is benchmarked against the web. I have no native development experience. I am used to practice RN. Both Android and iOS are compatible and consistent to the maximum.

Based on React-Nativethe Bangumi third-party client

The project is benchmarked against the web. I have no native development experience. I am used to practice RN. Both Android and iOS are compatible and consistent to the maximum.

At present, no less than 70 pages have been developed, covering almost all pages of the source website

Bangumi is a third-party client used to manage the progress of chasing fans (not limited to animation, music, Japanese drama, AVG), discover and discuss fan groups


Android APK Download |酷安市场下载

Apple is so difficult to review, it will not pass in a short time, and will fight with Apple for a long time. TestFlight | Expo Trial Method | Expo Home


[Special Features]

  • Most resources are covered by self-maintaining CDN , access speed +++
  • The image uses CDN and has post-processing, so it has better quality and smaller traffic than the source website
  • Chapter Play Source / Comic Source Search
  • Find Fanju / Library
  • Little Holy Grail (Character trading air game, App independent design UI and interaction)

[basic skills]

  • Fan group progress management
  • Entry details
  • Roles
  • Timeline (user dynamics)
  • Super Expand (Post it)
  • Personal Center / User Space
  • Search / Tag / Ranking / Index / Table of Contents / Daily Broadcasting / Yearbook





—— Added——

  • [Item] The directory module that contains this item (more list pages are under development)

—— Optimization——

  • [Ranking list] switch year and month reset to the first page
  • [Tucao] User avatar loading should be loaded in reverse order

—— Repair——

  • Fixed the problem that the login page button does not appear after the homepage is logged out or the login status expires

—— Little Holy Grail 2.8.0 ——

  • [Fanshi richest man] More reasonable display data
  • The list item displays the entry that the person belongs to, and the right menu adds to the list of related people
  • List of people associated with the entry
  • The user avatar corner label shows the user's online status (experimental, green within 1 day, orange within 3 days, and the rest are not displayed)
  • ico list when lv0 number 10-14 people, highlight


[bangumi-subject]  Entry snapshot CDN

[bangumi-oss]  Popular item cover and active user avatar object storage CDN

[bangumi-rakuen]  Post snapshot CDN

[bangumi-mono]  Character snapshot CDN

[bangumi-static]  Discovered data snapshot CDN

[bangumi-onair] ekibun 's single episode playback data source

[bangumi-mosaic-tile] Weizhenye 's user statistics tile library

[bangumi-data] Bangumi data index

[bangumi-api] Official interface

[] Little Holy Grail Interface


basic functions

Little Holy Grail Module

(If you can't see the picture by the wall, you can copy alt to open)

Getting Started

** Download **

Note that a dependency package is 404 in Taobao source and needs to be switched to npm official source

npm config set registry

In the domestic environment, downloading the package for the first time may be abnormally slow

git clone
 cd ./Bangumi
npm install // Yarn is not recommended, because node_modules will be changed later, and yarn will be recognized and restored

** Pre-operation, otherwise the icons in the App are all question marks**

Custom IconFont, the directory assets / iconfont / under the vector-iconsdirectory and node_modules / @ expo / under vector-iconscombined (note that merger not replace, if not, manually the folder following two documents, find the corresponding local replacement observed Is the file modification date changed? The principle is actually to replace the original AntDesign font file with your own font file, and then quote Icon.AntDesign.

** start up**

npm start // [iOS] Then click Expo Developer Tools opened in the browser, click Run on iOS simulator

// or

react-native run-android // [android] real machine usb debugging

I have been developing under the mac environment, iOS running Expo client debugging, Android running real machine usb debugging. The usage of window is unknown, and it is not clear whether it can run or not, you can consult the official Expo document. You can choose the same LAN real machine to scan code debugging Need to download Expo App first

Download Details:

Author: czy0729


Source Code:

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