How to measure code quality ?

How to measure code quality ?

⛓There are certain metrics that are used to measure code quality. Learn more about how to measure code quality

Software Engineers are in great demand nowadays. Their unique skill sets make them different from the other available professions.

We can never ignore the role of digitalization in our everyday life. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Twitter, all of them are being managed by thousands of Software Engineers.

In short, every application that we use, are being handled by the Software Developers. Basically, all these applications are programmed in some language.

It might be C++, Python, Java, or Javascript, to name a few. The codebases of these applications can run into some millions of lines of code- yes millions of lines. To give you an idea, it is being said that Facebook runs on 62 million lines of code.

Facebook runs on 62 million lines of code

That is too when we don’t include the backend component. Maintaining such a huge codebase in itself is such a daunting task.

Obviously, there are different teams like the Development Team, Testing Team, QA Team, SRE Team to handle the different kinds of situations. But a thing that remains common in them is that all of them ultimately work and debug the code.

It is therefore very clear that there must be certain standards that must be followed by the developers while writing the code. Now, these standards can vary from one company to another or from one team to the other.


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