Planning a Startup 7 Strong Reasons to Choose Flutter for Your Startup Mobile App

Planning a Startup 7 Strong Reasons to Choose Flutter for Your Startup Mobile App

![This is image title]( "This is image title") **Things to know before choosing Flutter for Your Startup** **Introduction** Flutter is a mobile application development framework...

This is image title Things to know before choosing Flutter for Your Startup


Flutter is a mobile application development framework that came into the market recently and won the heart of developers. The method of this framework is new, and it integrates some advanced elements into the cross-platform and native development. The exclusive features make the framework capable of developing top-notch mobile applications in less time. So, its contribution makes the flutter application development services more reliable, popular.

Reasons Why Startups Choose Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Native app development is expensive compared to and offers an application for only one operating system: Android or iOS. While the cross-platform application can build the app for both the operating platforms. That’s the reason companies are opting for cross-platform app development. There is nothing wrong if I say that cross-platform applications are affordable than native applications. Now let understand why companies are choosing Flutter. There are many perks related to cross-platform app development, which means the app can run on the major operating system at the same time.

Demands less Effort

Developers don’t need to write codes for each operating platform. A single codebase can develop two separate versions of the application. But the time it consumes to build a Flutter application by using cross-platform is longer compared to others.

Less Time is consumed for Testing

It is highly beneficial for cross-platform app development because it consumes less time while evaluating the cross-platform devices than other native components. When we discuss native-app development, we can only check the quality of one version of the application.

Lesser Development Cost

The cost is minimal if you are developing the application using a cross-platform app development framework like Flutter. Developers usually charge hourly if you hire them for your mobile app development project. Hence if your project consumes less time, then it saves you money.

Quick Time for Marketing

The entire development process consumes less time if developers are using Flutter. Hence, the product can be launched quickly compared to the native app development. This provides enough time to the marketing team, which helps them in making the product popular.

7 Reasons Companies are Opting for Flutter Technology?

Flutter is a cross-platform framework that is extremely beneficial for developers. It is one of the widespread technology and it helps develop applications at an affordable price. Let us know the reasons Flutter app development is trending. Let us see the perks of using Flutter:

Support and Community Flutter

There are many developers that use the Flutter framework. After the launch 1.17 version, we witnessed major changes, improvement, and resolved pending queries since the last version 1.12. These upgrades happened because of the collaboration of Flutter with Nevercode, which is a giant integration and offers tools that make flutter development easy and resolve problems at the same time. This year’s version resolved many issues. 231 developers resolve the issues with the help of 3164 pull requests. The developer’s community launches the recent version in just six months. We can see that the community’s role in building this amazing framework is crucial. As more and more people are using it, it becomes easy for developers to learn this amazing framework. Hence it enhances the accessibility to find Flutter developers across the world.

Use of Widgets in Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter uses the widgets as its main element, like other progressive languages. Widgets are significant, as programmers can see the code progress immediately. Not only that, but it also consumes time as they involve the development of basic UI elements for different screen sizes and resolutions. This is the reason developers think that Flutter is convenient. This simplifies that developers just need to build a UI element so that their development project can be able to adapt to any screen size. The quality team will get a lot of time as it is time-consumer. All this is only possible because of the relaxation in testing that the Flutter mobile app design for all the devices and different screen sizes. Flutter framework includes the widget toolkit, which helps in rendering the element traditionally. This enhances the performance and offers a traditional feel.

Native Functionality

Flutter offers a communication channel, which is called the Platform channel. The platform channel helps to share data in native languages, makes it convenient to use, and offers access to the hardware.

According to the current market trends, Flutter is integrated with high-tech libraries which let you can hardware device such as GPS, camera. Flutter isn’t capable to access the AR capabilities of a device. Most libraries offer some restrictions while developing the project. However, with the Flutter framework, it is possible to overcome these basic hurdles.

Optimum Performance

Performance is one reason flutter is the developer’s favorite. If you compare the framework with other programming languages, Flutter wins by a margin over other cross-platform technologies. Flutter make use of JavaScript to set the screens smoothly, enabling them to appear properly. Flutter offers amazing tools like Dart Analysis and Flutter Inspector that help programmers to evaluate the code and maintenance. Additionally, Android Studio offers a similar type of tools that help experts in debugging the codes. You get enhanced performance with the recently launched version. Many reports are saying it requires an exorbitant amount of productivity compared to other native languages.

Lifecycle Management

The application lifecycle highly relies on the operating system management. This implies the changes in the state of the application. At lifecycle management, Flutter isn’t that amazing, and it requires the developers to tackle the lifecycle of the application. Nowadays developers are using Stateful widgets to perform lifecycle management. They can easily witness the lifecycle in Stateful widgets. Some widgets are Orientation Builder, which is used to track fluctuation in screen sizes.

There are many reasons developers are choosing Flutter with such passion, and here they are:

Flutter has many widgets and creative solutions. This makes the entire development process easy and consumes a lot of time for programmers. Companies are in immense advantage as they can develop a product in less time. Flutter supports a maximum of six operating systems. Thus, the programmer can use one codebase to make applications for different operating systems. Apart from the main two- Android, iOS, the remaining four; macOS, Linux, Web, and Windows.

Code Structure

Flutter codes are almost the same as any native programming language. Google was behind the development of this amazing Flutter framework as it works on native Android programming language. The feature that makes the framework famous is its style of separating the codes into distinct classes. This helps in increasing the entire development process speed, as developers can include multiple styles in one view which reduces the workload of experts. Developers have the chance to opt for default styles for widgets, and it will work smoothly.

Final Words

After reading all the perks of Flutter I can say that cross-app development platforms are gaining enormous popularity. This is because of the contribution of many developers. Flutter framework is backed by Google and is one of the tech giant companies, which is the sign of great tools, elements, and components. Flutter is easy to use. It is integrated with some amazing elements that help companies from small-scale to medium size in developing products. The advantage that I jotted down above makes the framework suitable for rapid development. The framework has a powerful community, amazing performance, code structure, and top-notch solutions which make the framework a complete package that is easy to maintain.

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