Encrypt Files and Strings with AES and Pycrypto

Pycrypto is a collection of cryptographic modules for Python. It has secure hash functions and symmetric encryption algorithms. It has not been in development for quite some time and it’s kinda getting phased out. However, I think the interest stems from the ability to encrypt files with strong AES encryption using a password.

So that’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do in this video.

If you’re not sure what symmetric encryption is, or where it fits into the whole encryption framework, you can look at my original video on symmetric encryption, which gives a super quick and simple overview

First, we need to install the pycrypto library. This can be a bit tricky to install at times so best to run a pip3 list first to ensure that you do now have other conflicting encryption libraries installed. There are some know issues with Pycrypto and Pycryptodome for instance so that’s one you may need to remove if present.

The install is straightforward. I am using Python 3.8 here. I have it running on 3.6 and 3.7 as well.

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Encrypt Files and Strings with AES and Pycrypto
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How Do I Encrypt a Connection String? How Do?

We store connection strings and other sensitive data in appsettings.json or our app.config/web.config file. But how do we secure it? How do we ensure users cannot read our settings? Do we encrypt the settings file? Do we encrypt our connection strings? In this video, I am going to answer your questions around settings file security.

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Multiple File Upload in Laravel 7, 6

in this post, i will show you easy steps for multiple file upload in laravel 7, 6.

As well as how to validate file type, size before uploading to database in laravel.

Laravel 7/6 Multiple File Upload

You can easily upload multiple file with validation in laravel application using the following steps:

  1. Download Laravel Fresh New Setup
  2. Setup Database Credentials
  3. Generate Migration & Model For File
  4. Make Route For File uploading
  5. Create File Controller & Methods
  6. Create Multiple File Blade View
  7. Run Development Server


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What is difference between String and string in C#

Are you confused about System.String and string in C#? What is the difference between String and string in C#? And how to choose between string and System.String? In this article, I am going to show you all the differences between string and System.String in C## with code examples. .

What is the difference between System.String and string in C#?

Basically, there is no difference between string and String in C#. “string” is just an alias of System.String and both are compiled in the same manner. String stands for System.String and it is a .NET Framework type. “string” is an alias in the C## language for System.String. Both of them are compiled to System.String in IL (Intermediate Language), so there is no difference.

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How To Delete File From Public Folder In Laravel

In this post we will see how to remove/delete file from public storage, today I will give you demo how to remove file from storage folder in laravel.

So, here I will explain how to delete image from storage folder using Laravel File System and php function file_exists() and unlink().

How To Delete File From Public Folder In Laravel


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Laravel 7 File Upload Example

Here i will show you how to upload files in laravel 7, 6, 5 version. And simply upload file like pdf, image, xlx, zip etc in laravel app.

Laravel 7 file upload example

Checkout this laravel 7 file upload example:- https://www.tutsmake.com/laravel-6-file-upload-with-validation-tutorial/

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