JWT Social Auth with ASP.NET Core and Xamarin Essentials

JWT Social Auth with ASP.NET Core and Xamarin Essentials

This article will guide you through implementing JWT social auth with asp.net core and Xamarin Essentials.

Hello friends, here is my second post about social auth with Xamarin Forms and ASP.net core. The previous method, though functional is kind of old and less recommended than this new approach. A few month ago, a new feature was added to Xamarin Essentials, permitting us to easily implement authentication with a back-end API (not only ASP.net core). This feature is better than previous authentication mechanisms, primarily because it avoids us from adding our application credentials inside our mobile app’s source code. And also, it is very easy to implement. Together, we will not only go through the process of implementing JWT social auth with ASP.net core and Xamarin Essentials, but we will also highlight and solve some difficulties you might face when implementing this feature in a real-world application. So, lets dive in.

Xamarin Essentials is constantly improving, and one of the features which was added a few months ago is the Web Authenticator API. This feature provides an abstraction layer over the process of integrating authentication, calling the web browser, Managing redirects e.t.c in our Xamarin App.

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