Building a Game With TypeScript. Drawing Grid 5/5

Building a Game With TypeScript. Drawing Grid 5/5

The previous post was about implementing and testing a humble yet powerful rendering system. In this final article of the chapter, we will tie up all loose ends.

Chapter III in the series of tutorials on how to build a game from scratch with TypeScript and native browser APIs

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Welcome to the final part of Chapter III, “Drawing Grid”! The previous postwas about implementing and testing a humble yet powerful rendering system. In this final article of the chapter, we will tie up all loose ends.

Having the rendering system is great, but how can NodeDrawComponentaccess it? Do we have to pass the instance of Canvas to the Node? If so, then we have the same problem as before: we couple Node with a drawing context. The only difference being that we would have to pass a reference to Canvas rather than native context, which doesn’t minimize the problem. Something is off.

In Chapter III “Drawing Grid”, we are implementing a fundamental piece of the turn-based game: we are drawing the grid of nodes. Other Chapters are available here:

Feel free to switch to the `drawing-grid-4_` branch of the [repository_]( It contains the working result of the previous posts and is a great starting point for this one.

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