Provisioning an Oracle Autonomous Database on the Oracle Cloud

Provisioning an Oracle Autonomous Database on the Oracle Cloud

This tutorial illustrated the process of connecting to the ADW database instance. Now you can load the data to Oracle Autonomous Database and process it. Therefore, you don’t need any further efforts for installation and management, the on-premised Oracle database instance does it.

Overview of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) is a fully managed and high-performance solution. It includes all of the Oracle Database advantages in the environment adjusted and optimized for the Data Warehouse workload. Thus, you don’t need to take more effort and resources in the DBA role to do the database management and optimization jobs. Notice the most essential pluses of Oracle Autonomous Database:

  • *Self-Driving – *The user defines service levels while the database makes them happen.
  • *Self-Securing – *It protects the data from both external attacks and malicious internal users.
  • *Self-Repairing *– It providesautomated protection from all downtime.

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