Generate Google Cloud API Credentials

This article will help you in creating GCP API keys to interact with Google Cloud Services using your favorite languages like Python, Scala or Java.

This blog is a quick walkthrough for downloading GCP API credentials (keys). The credentials  are at the core of any cloud computing service. Different public cloud service providers use different types of credentials to connect their services through API . So, without much ado, here are the steps required to generate API keys  for GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

Step 1

Login to your GCP console and click on the hamburger icon (three vertical lines). Select IAM and Admin from the list and choose Service Accounts.

Step 2

Click on Create Service Account.

Step 3

Add Service account details and click on Create and Continue.

Step 4

Select permissions for the service account and click on Continue. Then, Click on Done.

Step 5

Click on three dots icon and select Manage Keys.

Step 6

Click on Add Key and select Create new key.

Step 7

Select JSON and click on Create. This will download the credentials file on your system.

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Generate Google Cloud API Credentials