Why you should learn Python? Importance of Python in 2019

Why you should learn Python? Importance of Python in 2019


If you want to boost up your career then Python is a must. In this article we are going to learn about why Python can become a ladder to your success. At the end of this article you will have an answer to all your questions. Is Python a necessity? Who should learn Python? What benefits you are going to reap if you have a complete knowledge of Python?

About Python Python is a general purpose high programming language. This language is simple and has straightforward syntax. This is easy to learn language and can be your first programming language. Like C++ this is also case sensitive which means at the time of coding the capital letter and small letter, though same would be considered as a different word altogether. It is an object oriented programming language like Java and C++. There is no need to declare variable unlike Java and c++ wherein you can use only variables that are specified. It auto releases garbage memory. Eases the automation work too. Let's now focus on learning what, why, who questions about python. Data Science For those who wish to become a data scientist this is a preferred language over Java. You may have seen many IT professionals working in Java programming jobs and are switching to make this language a boost up. Python for data science is easy and simple to learn. It fits with many platforms like windows, Linux. It can perform data manipulation and analysis. So we suggest you to have a thought about why python is a necessity for you. Ethical hacking Ethical hackers develop small scripts and python being a scripting language provides good performance for small programs. Even if you wish to build a career in Cyber security than learning Python is a must. Machine Learning No doubt there are machine learning libraries in Java, but more content is now found in Python and basically developer community prefers Python over Java for data science and Machine Learning. Artificial intelligence Needless to say that Python is a popular language over C++ for artificial intelligence. This is because it is easy to learn and implement. As said earlier, this can be used for data analysis, manipulation. C++ being a lower language requires skills and mastery whereas Python doesn’t require any such level. Web development The three most popular web frameworks in Python are Django, Pyramid and Flask. So before you start with these frameworks it is a necessity to learn Python. When you have a strong understanding of this language you will have a more grip over the projects. So these were the reasons of why Python is necessity for the people who are working in IT sectors and also the people who are looking to diversify their career. As mentioned, this is a simple language so no worries of you thinking that you can’t do. To meet your expectations of your high salary and with increased popularity this should be on your top list. So to conclude that if you are planning to start your career in Python and wish to know the skills related to it, now is the right time to take the most advantage of it with a python online course certification from ExcelR and dive in, when the technology is reaching at its peak.

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