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Sydnie Hansen


Amazon EMR on Amazon EKS - What is EMR on EKS?

A quick intro to the benefits of running Amazon EMR on Amazon EKS. Learn why you might want to run EMR on EKS, when to run EMR on EKS vs. EMR on EC2, and what the benefits are.

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Amazon EMR on Amazon EKS - What is EMR on EKS?
Mireille  Von

Mireille Von


Batch Processing Example using Amazon Data Pipeline | S3 to DynamoDB using Amazon EMR

This video covers a hands-on example in setting up Batch Processing example using Amazon Data Pipeline which leverages S3 and DynamoDB along with Amazon EMR.
The following is the agenda for the video:

⏱ Chapter Timestamps

0:00 - Introduction
00:28 - Architecture Flow
2:31 - Pre-requisite: Amazon S3 Buckets Creation
3:44 - Pre-requisite: Amazon DynamoDB Table Creation
5:15 - Pre-requisite: Amazon S3 file format Creation
8:20 - Pre-requisite: Amazon Data Pipeline Creation
12:40 - Data Format Configuration in Data Pipeline
14:14 - Activate Data Pipeline
17:52 - Data Loaded into DynamoDB
19:03 - Serverless Data Pipeline Trigger using EventBridge and Lambda
20:06 - Summary

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Marcus Anthony


Amazon Pay Clone, Amazon Pay Clone Script, Recharge & Wallet App Solution

Mobile wallet applications have become the new trend in today’s world. Apps like Amazon Pay, Paytm, PayPal are some of the leading apps that are owned and used by millions. Be it paying bills, recharging, or money transactions, everything has turned easier because of these apps. There were days when people used to travel for hours to do these tasks have been totally transformed. Moreover, consumers can use these e-wallet apps while paying in a store, either for shopping or while eating out. Thus, as far as mobile wallets are concerned, they are a convenient way for handling all the tasks involving finance.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, if you wish to succeed in your business, without second thoughts, go for Amazon Pay clone app development. Let’s narrow down your thinking processes for a quicker stride forward by analyzing the types of apps first.

Types of e-wallet apps you could develop:

Retail application: An app like Amazon is considered the retail app because it has a mobile wallet in it. It has all the basic functionalities, which helps users to redeem coupons and reward points. All the payment modes are accessible through the app, including net banking.

Dedicated app: The app allows P2P money transactions by storing a variety of cards. You could also make international money transfers using this app. Example: PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.

PoS payments: The PoS payment wallet apps are found at the stores. It is exclusively used by the users to make contactless payments without having to stand in a long queue.

Wrapping up,
Choose the best type of e-wallet app you want to develop and join forces with our Appdupe. Grab the cutting-edge Amazon Pay Clone script and launch an app in a week!

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dia adalyn


Empower your e-commerce business by building an app like Amazon

We at Appdupe incorporate the app with the latest techniques to meet the customer market trend. The app is enriched with the highly-advanced and innovative features that help you deliver the best Amazon clone script that helps turn your e-commerce business ideas into reality. We offer a top-notch Amazon clone app development and a ready-made clone application perfect for any business sector. Every feature in it is set to expand your business, which can also be altered with your brand name. By developing an app like Amazon, you can easily reach your customer anytime anywhere that eventually helps increase the business revenue.

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nancy martin


Activate Amazon Prime || Amazon Activate MyTv || mytv

Amazon Activate MyTv:- Amazon Prime provides a variety of benefits for its customers. Amazon Prime videos is one of many outstanding features. You can browse through thousands of movies and find the best shows with the help of this feature. However, you may not feel comfortable watching a movie on your phone. Amazon was aware of this discomfort. Amazon designed its prime video service so that smart TVs can be used seamlessly. The sad truth is, many prime subscribers don’t know this. They might ask: How can I sign in to Amazon Prime on my TV?" You are likely reading this post because you don’t know how to activate Amazon Prime on your Android and Apple TV. This post is for those who are in this situation. Let me assure you, is straightforward. But, first, let me answer some important questions to help you get the full picture.

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Nels  Franecki

Nels Franecki


New – Amazon EMR on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Tens of thousands of customers use Amazon EMR to run big data analytics applications on frameworks such as Apache SparkHiveHBaseFlinkHudi, and Presto at scale. EMR automates the provisioning and scaling of these frameworks and optimizes performance with a wide range of EC2 instance types to meet price and performance requirements. Customer are now consolidating compute pools across organizations using Kubernetes. Some customers who manage Apache Spark on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) themselves want to use EMR to eliminate the heavy lifting of installing and managing their frameworks and integrations with AWS services. In addition, they want to take advantage of the faster runtimes and development and debugging tools that EMR provides.

Today, we are announcing the general availability of Amazon EMR on Amazon EKS, a new deployment option in EMR that allows customers to automate the provisioning and management of open-source big data frameworks on EKS. With EMR on EKS, customers can now run Spark applications alongside other types of applications on the same EKS cluster to improve resource utilization and simplify infrastructure management.

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