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What is the future of healthcare IT?

The future of IT Healthcare is an exciting one. With technology continuing to improve and change the way that medical facilities operate, it has become harder to predict what will happen in the healthcare industry. In fact, some predict that medical technology will become more similar to computer technology as it grows and develops. In this article, we will take a look at how the medical industry will continue to evolve into the future, and how healthcare professionals can stay ahead of the curve.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, many hospitals and health organizations have turned to the IT industry to help them streamline their operations and reduce their expenses. This in turn has created a booming business in IT companies who specialize in helping hospitals streamline their workflow and cut their costs. IT professionals are not only in high demand, they are also in high demand. If you are planning on entering the healthcare industry, becoming an IT professional will be one of the most important decisions you can make. There are many roles that can be filled by an IT professional such as, training, technical support and management of network infrastructure, software systems and computer systems. Not to mention the many opportunities that lie in training the next generation of healthcare professionals.

As the need for healthcare professionals increases, the need for them will also grow. This will create even more competition in the job market as employers will want to hire the best available individuals. The future will see the introduction of more technology to the medical environment which will become integral to the patient's care. For example, new technologies such as electronic medical records and tele-prescribing will completely revolutionize the way that healthcare professionals interact with their patients. The only problem is that it is not yet available in all healthcare settings.

Another advancement in the healthcare industry will be the development of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will enable computerized systems to process large amounts of medical data and improve the accuracy of treatments. This will have a huge impact on the way that medical professionals are able to deliver better services to patients. For example, a healthcare professional may be able to use big data to predict how a drug will affect a patient's condition over the next six months or year. By using this type of calculated risk, the healthcare professional can determine when to administer the drug in order to achieve the best outcome for a patient. Artificial intelligence will also allow doctors to access patient's past medical history, which will allow them to quickly and accurately prevent the recurrence of a disease.

The other aspect of what is the future of healthcare IT? What will happen to the current workforce of healthcare professionals? The answer is that most current healthcare professionals will continue to find work in the healthcare industry. The two main sectors that will suffer the largest loss in the field of what is the future of healthcare IT are the pharmaceutical and HMO sectors.

As more pharmaceutical companies research and develop new drugs, new medical technologies and diagnostic tools, the need for healthcare professionals will become even greater in the future. What is the future of IT healthcare ? The continued growth of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industries will create a huge demand for professionals that can assist these companies in the production process.

The HMO sector is also predicted to create a large number of jobs in the future. Since most individuals live in small communities, the distance between a doctor's office and a patient can be a major problem. In the past, healthcare professionals would travel great distances in order to meet with a client and provide care. However, with the increase in technology, it has become much easier for healthcare professionals to provide services to a patient's home.

There are many other questions that need to be answered when it comes to what is the future of healthcare IT? The only way that these issues can be answered is if people can continue to improve the current methods of communication between healthcare professionals and their patients. With the information technology available today, this problem will never be solved.

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What is the future of healthcare IT?

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Alayna Rippin


The Trending Healthcare App Features for 2020

The recent technological trend in the healthcare industry has brought a virtual doctor into many of our pockets. Be it a serious health condition or a need to track our fitness level, there are thousands of mHealth apps for most of the healthcare use cases.

In 2020, the health-tech industry offers many mHealth apps ranging from heart rate monitoring to nutrition and fitness apps. Undoubtedly, there will be variation in the app functionality according to the target market, customer base and the purpose.

Use-Case specific app features

There are thousands of healthcare mobile apps available in the market and depending on the use-cases, they will incorporate specific features that help them serve the purpose. Following are some of the most trending app features.

Digital Prescription and Reports

Almost every hospital or pharmacy-related healthcare app should have the functionality to handle digital prescriptions and reporting. Misplacing or losing medical prescriptions and reports is very common for the patients. It even becomes a hassle for the healthcare institutions or doctors to manage and access the patient files. This is where the digital prescription feature comes handy for both the patients and doctors.

This feature should also incorporate the functionality to download the reports and prescription information in a documented format. It allows the patients to manage their lifetime medical history in one place. This feature is very crucial to speed up the medical treatment process.

Wearable Connectivity

Wearables are the most trending discussion in the health tech space. Up until now, this feature is most commonly used by fitness tracking apps. But as the healthcare industry has now paced up the technology adoption, healthcare providers and medical practitioners have started to trust the wearable technologies to monitor their patient health continuously.

In 2020, wearables do not just mean some gadgets like Fitbits. There are many clinical-grade IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) devices used by the healthcare industry that are used in a form of belts, chest straps etc.

The wearable connectivity feature allows the healthcare apps to record the user’s data, which can be shared with the doctors. The doctors can provide a better consultancy if they have access to their patient’s all-time health status.

On-Demand Medicine

Similar to amazon for x apps, this on-demand app feature is focused on making the medicines accessible anytime, anywhere. Using this feature, the patients will be able to refill their stock of medicine without having to visit the pharmacy.

The feature would require the functionality to allow admin to list out the pharmacies in the locality, so that the users can order from the nearest one. To make this feature more effective, you also would need to add an online payment feature within the app.

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App Tech Blog


Top Healthcare App Development Companies | Best Healthcare App Developer

Are you looking for the Top Healthcare App Development Companies? Your search ends here, as our expert team of researchers has listed the most trusted Healthcare App Development Companies in the app industry. While Top Healthcare App Development Companies can help you build engaging apps.

A user-friendly and effective healthcare mobile app can go a long way in attracting customers and increasing profitability. Therefore, it’s important to hire an healthcare app development company that can design an application that offers an excellent user experience.

The global healthcare app development market is expected to top $100 billion in 2022 growing at a CAGR of over 14% from 2016 to 2022 as per a report by Market Research Future. For your healthcare app development needs, you should ideally consider a competent yet Top Healthcare App Development Companies. We help you in your search by detailing the services offered by seven of the Top Healthcare App Development Companies.

1. Quytech
(Recommended Top Healthcare App Development Company for startups and enterprises)
Quytech (Healthcare App Development Company) is a globally recognized provider of custom healthcare app development services for iOS, Android, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Quytech delivers advanced iPhone healthcare apps that meet demanding client requirements to boost their productivity. The company also offers custom feature-loaded Android apps across business sectors like healthcare, education, media, retail, and travel. It is experienced in creating high-performance apps using Natural Language Processing, AI development, deep learning, and computer vision.
Quytech has delivered extensive Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) projects. It works across an array of devices and multiple methods and technologies to offer both 3D modeling and design for immersive VR/AR apps.

2. Mobomo 
(Recommended Top Healthcare App Development Company for startups and enterprises)
Mobomo (Healthcare App Development Company) leads the mobile revolution in the U.S. and has contributed to app development projects from the USO to the White House. It has over 10 years’ experience designing and delivering top-quality mobile apps using Agile engineering methods. The Healthcare App Development provides over 50 apps every year to the Google and Apple stores.

Mobomo builds and offers interactive mobile apps that can be used anywhere, on any mobile device. Its process combines visual design and user experience to ensure the product aligns well with client goals. Mobomo’s services include native Android and iOS app development, 508 compliant websites and mobile apps, ionic, progressive web apps, mobile-first development, and React Native.

3. 3advance
(Recommended Top Healthcare App Development Company for startups and enterprises)
3advance’s collaborative design workflow merges user and business research with prototype design, interface, and branding – for MVP and more. Its agile sprints help it to swiftly deliver complex data apps, SaaS platforms, responsive web, and native mobile applications.
3advance’s serverless approach and cloud expertise facilitate true cloud, low-cost capabilities with test-driven, scalable APIs on GCP (Google), Azure, and AWS. The company offers a free consultation that provides instant data recommendations and insights. It’ll train your firm’s users to utilize BI solutions for making data-driven major-impact decisions.
To help startups, 3advance can scale up or back if needed to enable them to negotiate hard times. Its advanced capabilities include decentralization and crypto, IoT, voice, AR and image processing, and machine learning and AI.

4. MindSea
(Recommended Top Healthcare App Development Company for startups and enterprises)
MindSea specializes in Android, iPhone, and iOS healthcare app development. It employs a team of designers, developers, and strategists who create world-class mobile applications using advanced tools, from Material Design to Java. To design and deliver great Android apps, MindSea’s team constantly tests and uses Google’s latest technologies to ensure their apps meet Google’s high standards – and exceed client expectations.
MindSea utilizes opportunities to understand how to create useful and effective iPhone healthcare applications that get plenty of downloads and make users happy. The firm combines code and pixels to deliver stunning apps for its clients. It launched its first iPhone application in 2009 and has since then delivered over 65 iPhone apps for its clients and provided a few of its own. More than half its applications have been offered on the App Store.

5. CitrusBits
(Recommended Top Healthcare App Development Company for startups and enterprises)
CitrusBits has expertise in Android, iOS, and enterprise app development. For iOS devices, it can build native iOS apps using Swift or by utilizing a cross-platform method like React Native.

CitrusBits also excels at Android healthcare app development and leverages proven processes to ensure good compatibility and performance across all Android phones. Its team can perform Android OS customization as well as develop Android-specific applications.

CitrusBits helps enterprises build custom mobile apps to boost the productivity of their workforce and improve ROI. It works with the subject matter experts of client companies to deliver excellent user experience and develop strong integrations with their data platforms and sources. CitrusBits has built enterprise applications for Fortune 500 clients in entertainment, fintech, e-commerce, and supply chain management.

6. WillowTree
(Recommended Top Healthcare App Development Company for startups and enterprises)
WillowTree is an expert at systems architecture, iOS development, Android development, Xamarin development, SAP mobile development, UWP development, and mobile backend engineering. The company has been building top mobile experiences for leading client brands since the initial days of Android and iOS.

24 WillowTree-designed applications have been offered on Google Play and the Apple App Store, and the firm also innovates in the multi-modal and voice space. It has vast experience in multiple industries which it uses to deliver custom solutions for any client challenge. WillowTree’s products boost user loyalty and offer value to clients.

7. Copper Mobile
(Recommended Top Healthcare App Development Company for startups and enterprises)
Copper Mobile presents six integrated healthcare mobile app development services which are mobile strategy, UI/UX design, architecture design, development, QA and testing, and support. Its engagement models are turn-key, team extension, and subscription.

Copper Mobile’s mobile strategy is to have a detailed discussion with clients about their industry, business, strengths, and challenges. Based on this information, it offers the healthcare solutions of either a single mobile application or an integrated technology product with many parts that work together harmoniously.

Wrapping Up
Each of the Top Healthcare App Development Companies detailed above has its own areas of expertise and skills. Based on our article, you can filter and select the most suitable Healthcare App Development Company for your requirements.

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Shardul Bhatt


Top 15 Most Popular Healthcare App Development Companies

Healthcare mobile app development enables healthcare providers and clinicians to stay connected with their patients. The need for virtual health has grown rapidly during the pandemic. Today, healthcare software solutions are required for people to conveniently get healthcare services.

With the software in the healthcare industry, patients can schedule appointments, get online consultations, and do much more. Therefore, healthcare software projects are becoming a priority for medical professionals who want to stay ahead in the industry.

In this article, we will provide a list of the top 15 healthcare software development companies for building medical and health solutions. These companies work with various technologies to deliver the best healthcare web app

Here are the 15 top most popular healthcare software development companies:



The healthcare app development industry is growing rapidly. Finding the right custom software development company requires effort. This list will help you identify the best healthcare app development companies for your next medical application.

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Top 15 Healthcare Software Development Companies you can choose from:


  • BoTree Technologies
    As a leading custom healthcare software development company, BoTree offers medical and healthcare solutions to clients in 10+ countries. Its team of 70+ developers builds highly dynamic, interactive healthcare applications. Their recent software projects on healthcare include Butlr, an online therapist search platform. The company has 10+ years of experience in developing web & mobile applications. It is one of the top healthcare software development companies in the USA, India, and Singapore. BoTree provides both customer-centric and enterprise-based healthcare solutions.
  • OpenXcell
    One of the top listed healthcare software companies on GoodFirms, OpenXcell provides complete patient engagement solutions. Their healthcare software projects include appointment planning apps, care management, remote health monitoring solutions, and electronic health records. OpenXcell has expertise in cloud health management, enabling healthcare providers and patients to get a direct advantage from each other. OpenXcell has successfully delivered 2000+ customized software products across the globe. They follow an agile approach to healthcare app development and a result-driven methodology.
  • Appinventiv
    Appinventive is an experienced team of healthcare app developers who build software solutions for healthcare organizations and clinicians. They connect intermediaries like hospitals, clinics with the patients. As one of the top healthcare software development companies, Appinventiv has successfully delivered 30+ healthcare software projects. They have a team of 120+ experts who can develop diverse healthcare applications. They provide cloud-based EHR applications and custom solutions using AI and Blockchain. They have worked with some of the world’s leading health brands.
  • Mobiweb Technologies
    Known for its modern-day approach to app development, Mobiweb is one of the best healthcare software development companies in India and the US. The company provides customized healthcare solutions using Blockchain, AI, and Cloud Computing. They build apps that comply with HIPPA, HITECH, FDA regulations. Mobiweb Technologies provides applications for EHRs, medical insurance, patient engagement, and much more. They can also build healthcare ERP systems for hospitals to manage their activities under a single roof.
  • ScienceSoft
    One of the top IT companies in the software domain, ScienceSoft has over 15 years of experience in building top-notch healthcare solutions. They are a healthcare application development company focused on serving hospitals, surgeons, physicians, and nurses. The developers use both native and cross-platform technologies to build EHRs, patient appointment applications, CRM systems for hospitals, and much more. Sciencesoft developers custom applications that simplify the work of doctors and nurses, enabling better outcomes for patients.
  • Belitsoft
    As one of the top medical device software development companies and healthcare app solutions providers, Belitsoft has 15+ years of experience. They build both cross-platform and native healthcare applications for companies across the globe. The company develops GDPR and HIPPA compliant applications for healthcare facilities and medical professionals. They provide EHR systems, healthcare portals, medical practice management solutions, remote diagnostic systems, and much more. They use AI, ML, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain to build technically advanced healthcare solutions.
  • Netguru
    No list of the best healthcare software development companies is complete without Netguru. They have 12+ years of experience in building healthcare mobile app and web applications. Netguru has successfully delivered 40+ healthcare projects to clients across the globe. As the best telemedicine app development company in India, they provide complete solutions for virtual healthcare. They provide solutions for patient engagement, mobile health, doctor’s assistance, virtual doctors, and multiple others. Netguru focuses on digital transformation for healthcare facilities.
  • Space-O-Technologies
    Space-O-Technologies is one of the listed healthcare software companies that provides complete medical and healthcare app development solutions. The company develops patient engagement apps across borders for better services. Their recent project, Pearson Dental Supply App, enables customers to buy dental products and equipment online. Space-O-Technologies has 10+ years of experience in building healthcare applications and serving clients in different countries. The company makes FDA and HIPPA compliant applications using AI and Cloud technology.
  • Hidden Brains
    A leading custom healthcare software development company, Hidden Brains is known for building connected care solutions using new technologies. The company has successfully delivered 50+ healthcare projects across the globe. They have worked with some of the top health brands. Hidden Brans develops hospital management systems for patient management, scheduling & appointments, billing & invoice, prescriptions, and staff management. They have 16+ years of experience in designing customized web and mobile applications, delivering global customer satisfaction.
  • MindInventory
    A trusted company for healthcare software solutions, MindInventory offers healthcare app development services to manage important assets and patient data. They have 10+ years of experience in building highly interactive solutions. MindInventory has a team of 160+ professionals ready to develop high-quality healthcare applications. They provide solutions for HIPAA compliant apps, health monitoring, wellness apps, patient management, remote healthcare, mHealth connectivity, and much more. The company also offers full-stack development for healthcare applications.
  • Peerbits
    One of the most renowned healthcare app development companies in India, Peerbits provides technology solutions for medical care and patient services. It offers HIPAA compliant apps, wellness apps, medical apps, remote health, mHealth connectivity, and health monitoring solutions. They have a team of developers who build patient engagement apps and enable healthcare facilities to lead in the industry. Peerbits has 10+ years of experience building custom healthcare products and has successfully delivered multiple healthcare solutions across the globe.
  • Damco
    Damco is a top company for software in the healthcare industry, focusing mainly on digital health solutions. They provide AI-powered medical chatbots, mobile appointment apps, mobile EHR, and various other software services. Their regulatory compliance includes FDA, HIPAA, HITECH, and CARES Act. The company has 23+ years of experience in delivering cutting-edge IT solutions to worldwide clients. They are known for their uninterrupted delivery of healthcare web application solutions. Damco has a CoE in assorted technologies for building specialized healthcare apps.
  • Leeway Hertz
    A custom healthcare software development company, Leeway Hertz offers digital health applications to improve patient outcomes. They provide healthcare software solutions for data-driven decision-making, remote health monitoring, automated clinical workflows, patient engagement solutions, telemedicine, and mHealth applications. Leeway Hertz uses AI, ML, Blockchain, and Cloud Computing to deliver world-class solutions. Their recent telemedicine platform for doctors and hospitals simplifies consulting for patients and helps doctors better connect with multiple stakeholders.
  • Mobisoft Infotech
    Mobisoft is one of the top healthcare app development companies for building HIPAA-compliant web and mobile applications. The company has 10+ years of experience in creating customized healthcare solutions. It has successfully delivered 25+ healthcare projects. They have a team of certified developers and 170+ experts who have built some of the best applications in the healthcare industry. Their expertise includes fitness apps, telemedicine apps, medicine ordering apps, appointment scheduling applications, and many more. They focus on using cloud technologies to develop top-notch healthcare solutions.
  • Reinvently
    One of the top healthcare IT companies in the world, Reinvently is renowned for offering valuable services to connect patients with healthcare facilities. It provides FDA and HIPAA-compliant applications. They develop applications for appointment scheduling, mobile-first physician platforms, hospital patient apps, telemedicine, and much more. They build on-demand applications for fitness tracking, EHR and provide complete full-stack healthcare app development services. Reinvently has years of experience in building custom IT solutions for clients worldwide, enabling them to benefit from their healthcare solutions.


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Conclusion: Choose the Top Healthcare App Development Company

When you are looking for the best custom healthcare app development company, you need to see that it matches your expectations. There are hundreds of healthcare companies globally, but the right one can make a world of difference in your healthcare operations.

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Complete Guide to Custom Healthcare App Development -

A complete guide to healthcare app development with steps to develop the best medical apps. Here’s how to ace your healthcare business using mobile technology.
The covid-19 pandemic has thrown a lot of limelight on healthcare, and people are taking hygiene more seriously than ever. In times like these when different kinds of health risks are being imposed on the human race, it has become critical to stay as hygienic as possible. Thanks to the advancements in technology just like many other industrial sectors, it is now also shaping the future of healthcare by providing services at your fingertips.

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Best Healthcare App Development Company in USA

AppClues Infotech offers high-quality custom medical & healthcare mobile app development services. Get in touch with our highly skilled & experienced developers to get the advanced & smart healthcare app.

For more info:
Call: +1-978-309-9910

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