Start Your Project With React and Tailwind CSS

Start Your Project With React and Tailwind CSS

Beginner-friendly guide on how to set up React and Tailwind CSS. React is one of the most important players in today’s modern web development.

React is one of the most important players in today’s modern web development. Due to its simplicity and better design, anyone can pick it up and start building something in a couple of days. Not only this, for an independent developer like myself, building a side project is a breeze. Being a JavaScript library, it even fits well together in the MERN stack allows us to create whole full stack side projects. However, integrating a better-designed CSS is still a problem (for me at least). Although there are a couple of better tools, libraries, and frameworks, they come with built-in design systems, and most of our development time is wasted in overriding their default styles.

This article is about one of the best CSS frameworks that I have used in my development career and how to integrate it with the React project so that we can build anything super fast

What is Tailwind CSS?

Tailwind CSS is a highly customizable, low-level CSS framework that gives us all of the building blocks we need to build better designs. So, it is simply a utility first CSS framework. I got hooked into Tailwind CSS when I first find out that I do not have to write a lot of CSS to make my application look pretty. According to their official documentation:

If you're sick of fighting the framework, overriding unwanted styles, and battling specificity wars, Tailwind was made for you.

Apart from many other frameworks like Material UI and Bootstrap, with the tailwind, we do not get the default theme and their built-in library of components. Instead, tailwind just provides us the list of class name and features that makes it way easier to build UI fast. And the most important thing is how perfect it fits together with React and its componentized design.

For example, we can easily style a button with hover and active styles without leaving HTML

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