Meet Aggi the fire detection Twitter bot

@AggiBot is a Twitter bot that uses latest Landsat-8 satellite imagery to detect and visualize active fire. It’s live on Twitter now.

I decided to build Aggi back in 2018 when I first saw pictures of California wildfires circulating on Twitter. I wondered if this could be automated somehow using coding, algorithms and satellites!

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Coding and algorithms (Source)

In remote sensing, Near infrared (NIR) and Short Wave infrared (SWIR) bands are commonly used for visualizing active fires and/or burn scars. So I started experimenting with NIR/SWIR bands from both Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 satellites. Data from both missions are open and have very similar spectral profiles (See Figure 1). My initial experiments showed promising results for both. However, more consistent results obtained with Landsat-8 data so I ended up using it in the final product.

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Figure 1 (Source)

What does @AggiBot do?

@AggiBot analyzes latest Landsat-8 imagery looking for active fires. Whenever a fire is detected a visualization of the fire is posted to Twitter (See Figure 2 for an example).

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Figure 2 (Source)

Currently @AggiBot monitors 15M+ square kilometers of land in 13 different countries (See Figure 3). The goal is to expand to monitor at least 10% of earth’s land area, or 51M+ square kilometers.

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Meet Aggi the fire detection Twitter bot
Sival Alethea

Sival Alethea


Create A Twitter Bot With Python

Create a Twitter bot with Python that tweets images or status updates at a set interval. The Python script also scrapes the web for data.

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Desmond Ivana


Features incorporate in your Twitter clone script

Twitter is a microblogging website that allows users to share their opinion, facts, and so on via tweets. People can follow their favourite celebrities and other famous personalities on the Twitter app. They will receive tweets they have posted in their feeds. At present, Twitter has over 100 million active users and 500 million tweets are shared daily. While investing in Twitter clone app, make sure that it has the following features:

Pin tweets

Users can gain more attention to a particular tweet by pinning the tweet on top of their profiles. Whenever people visit your page, pinned tweets will be visible to them. It is one of the best strategies to get more attention to blogs, business, promotional products & services, and many more.

Twitter moments

Twitter moments are curated stories and posts that belong to specific categories. Users post content related to an event like a music concert, theatre play, and so on. This Twitter clone script feature brings more followers to the users’ accounts.


Users get alerts whenever new content is posted by the followers, upcoming features, for important events, etc. They can also customize the category which they receive as alerts like they can mute from certain followers according to their preference.

Create photo collages

Photos are an essential part of any social networking site, and the Twitter app clone is no exception. Users can create a collage with a maximum of four photos during tweeting through this photo collage feature.

Appdupe offers the best Twitter clone script that is customizable and white-labeled. The Twitter clone is scalable, so it is viable for future advancements. Twitter is both a unique and popular social media website, so purchase a high-end clone app from us and become successful with your business venture.

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Angela  Dickens

Angela Dickens


Bots on Bots on Bots on Twitter

The Twitter API is a playground, if you’re inclined toward social networks and information. Building a basic bot to interact with the platform via the backend functionality is a fun way to learn a few rudimentary capabilities. There are a few different ways to go about triggering bots and timeline activities but I’m going to give examples that rely on the Python language to make

things happen.

In early 2018 I acquired a Raspberry Pi to start prototyping a few projects and began initial experiments to learn to write code in Python. This included deploying packages such as Tweepy, which is a package that facilitates interfacing with the Twitter API via account credentials.

My first exercise was to create image collages that Wild West Analogy, an old account that had been sitting dormant for a few years, would post.

The current iteration of the script randomly selects one of my photos from a folder, it also randomly selects a phrase from an array to both tweet as text and write over top of the image in a Western-style font. It’s a very simple process but was a nice endeavor into generative art. I crowd-sourced the phrases on social media and from folks offline.

Having confirmed my ability to post via the API to the account, I decided to branch into engagement. When the account was initially created it was focused on instances of the phrase “like the Wild West” which is a commonly used idiom. So the next script pinged the search function to find 5 tweets that included those words then retweeted them. Again, very simple — it had been a number of years since I had worked with the Twitter API and didn’t want to rely on domains or major data management.

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Marcelle  Smith

Marcelle Smith


Deploying Twitter Bot to Heroku

Most of us are familiar with Twitter. But we are not much familiar that we can automate the activities like status posting, retweeting, liking, commenting and so on. So,here I’ll show you how we can automate some of the activities like getting the twitter data,posting the status and retweeting with Node.js and a npm package called Twit.

And we ll deploy the project to github and heroku and keep it running…Let’s start by signing in to a twitter developer section, You’ll get insight of creating a developer account and will be able to Create an app where you will get the following keys:

consumer_key : 'key',
consumer_secret : 'key',
access_token : 'key',
access_token_secret : 'key'

Project structure:

          |--botget.js //not needed for deployment
          |--botpost.js //not needed for deployment

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Desmond Ivana


Stand-apart Features Worth Integrating Into A Twitter Clone App

Social networking sites are topping the charts both in user engagements and revenue. Among the top-grossing platforms, apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., occupy a firm and commendable position. With almost 80% of the Internet users establishing a social media presence, entrepreneurs needn’t hesitate to invest in a Twitter Clone App.

However, with so many social media apps sprouting up, there’s a need for the app to be unique and attractive. Users expect stand-apart features in an app like Twitter. It is pointless to expect users to switch from the existing app to the new one unless it offers specific advantages. In this blog, let’s discuss the cutting-edge features that can make an impact on the audience.

  • In-app chat: What’s a social media app when people cannot establish a connection with their social community. Most of the social media apps fail to integrate this feature.
  • Multi-lingual support: A social community must transcend across the world. Language shouldn’t be a barrier for people to establish connections. Hence, integrating a multi-lingual support system can help a Twitter clone establish a global presence.
  • Categorized newsfeed: People expect personalized content from a social media platform. With this feature, people can categorize their newsfeed to their preferred topics, making the platform more reliable.
  • Refresh feature: Users get annoyed with the app if it displays the same content in the newsfeed every time. To avoid this inconvenience, a refresh feature can ensure that users access new content in their feed.
  • Real-time stats: Users need to know if their content has made an impact with the fellow users. Real-time stats are a great way to enable users to know their stats and impact.

Wrapping up,
The best Twitter clone script must inevitably include these features. Ensure that you integrate these features into your Twitter clone to ensure your social media platform’s success.

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