WSO2 Products Dockerized: Image Tagging with WSO2 Updates 2.0.0

WSO2 Products Dockerized: Image Tagging with WSO2 Updates 2.0.0

WSO2 Products Dockerized: Image Tagging with WSO2 Updates 2.0.0. With Updates 2.0.0, the tagging of WSO2 product Docker images carrying Updates underwent several changes. This article is all about it.

WSO2, the world’s #1 open source integration vendor, provides official Docker images for its products. A previous article of this series brought forward an exhaustive description of the WSO2 product Docker image tagging mechanism, which includes tagging based on WUM. With the introduction of all new WSO2 Updates 2.0.0, the tagging mechanism for product Docker images packaging WSO2 Updates underwent several changes. This article is all about it.

Before digging into details of the new tagging mechanism for Updates 2.0.0 service based WSO2 product Docker images, the following need to be highlighted.

WSO2 Updates 2.0.0 delivers product Updates in two ways- One is via a basic Update which can be a collection of bug fixes, new features, security fixes or improvements on an existing product-version. The other is via a Hotfix, which is for delivering an immediate fix for a customer reported bug, specifically for the particular customer.

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