29 сентября – 7 октября, онлайн: конференция DevOps Live 2020

29 сентября – 7 октября, онлайн: конференция DevOps Live 2020

Участников ждут доклады, мастер-классы, воркшопы и дискуссии на темы, которые касаются понимания и внедрения методологии DevOps.

The DevOps Live 2020 conference will take place on September 29-30 and October 6-7 .

Who will be interested?

Those wishing to learn more about the DevOps methodology and why it is needed and how to implement it.

What's in the program?

Conference participants will have three tracks with reports, interactive sites, master classes and discussions on the following topics:

  • why business wants DevOps and what an engineer needs to know in order to speak the same language;
  • how to implement DevOps in huge retail;
  • information security as a brake or a driver and others.

The organizers also prepared homework assignments, questionnaires and tests.

How to get?

Choose a suitable ticket on the  website and enter your details.

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