Gift Your Partner a Bath Bomb

Gift Your Partner a Bath Bomb

A Surprise In Every Bath Bomb! Each bath bomb comes with a gorgeous ring inside - and a chance to win a $10,000 Ring!

Finding the perfect gift for your partner can be a challenge. You want to find them something they'll use, but also something they'll love. However, one of the biggest challenges is to stay within your budget. What can you get the woman in your life to show her you care, that won't set you into debt? A bath bomb, of course.

Are you scratching your head and thinking "that's too simple"? What you may not have thought of is that a bath bomb is the gift that has a gift inside of it. A regular bath bomb is too simple, which is why we like to kick it up a notch when we're choosing a bath bomb. Why settle at just giving her a nice bath?


Over the past decade, women have been going crazy for bath bombs. They've become one of the most popular products for turning a regular bath into a luxurious experience. Those fizzy bath treats are packed with skin-soothing ingredients that make the bathwater seem almost magical.

When they start fizzing and change the water into mystical shades of pinks, blues, and oranges, many people think that's where the magic ends. The bath bomb industry has gotten very creative over the years and now manufacturers have found ways to incorporate little gifts into their bath treats.

Bath bombs can be the surprise that keeps on surprising. Your partner will think that you have their well-being in mind by surprising them with this relaxing treat. However, once they unwind in the tub they'll be delighted with another surprise. Many bath treat companies are able to put small gifts, like jewelry, inside their bath bombs.

Everyone loves the idea of a fun surprise inside a gift. Especially when you have no idea what to expect. Imagine how surprised she will be when underneath all that colorful fizz another gift pops up. What could it be?

Look Good, Smell Better

Why gift your partner a bath bomb? If you have a hard-working partner in your life that always makes sure you're taken care of, then she deserves a surprise every once and a while too. While you can't make every problem in her life disappear, you can help her relax for a little bit with a treat that may seem small, but can really mean a lot.

Taking a timeout from her busy schedule to have some "me" time in the bath is essential for every woman. Not only is it incredibly relaxing but it also nourishes her skin. When she's given a bath bomb with a gift inside, she'll have something to look good in after that bath too.

Winter weather can be extremely harsh on the skin, which is part of the reason women love to receive bath bombs. These bath treats help put the moisture back in their skin, leaving them feeling soft and smelling fabulous. The extra treat packed inside of a bath bomb is just an added bonus.

Final Thoughts: Gift Your Partner a Bath Bomb

If you don't know what to get your partner, then we recommend finding her a bath bomb with a gift inside. Just don't tell her beforehand that there's a treat inside or else you'll ruin the surprise.

It's more fun if you let her think it's an ordinary bath bomb and let the gift catch her by surprise.

Finding the right gift for your partner just got so much easier. If you really want to make her night special, pair these bath bombs with a bottle of champagne and her favorite scented candle.

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