8 Best Practices for Java Developers

8 Best Practices for Java Developers

8 Best Practices for Java Developers: Use Strings Carefully, Avoid Unnecessary Object Creation, Return Empty Collections Instead of Null, Use Logical Operator to Check Oddity, Avoid Memory Leaks, Use Manual Operation if Necessary, Avoid Using For Loops With Indexes, Choose the Right Time Operations

Advice for writing better Java code

Being a Java developer is a privilege. In the world of Java, a lot is already done, and still, there is a lot to do. A bunch of experts is ready to help you learn all the time. So, instead of learning from your own experience, it is wiser to learn from experts. Here I am presenting some expert suggestions that will increase the efficiency of your Java code.

  • Use Strings Carefully
  • Avoid Unnecessary Object Creation
  • Return Empty Collections Instead of Null
  • Use Logical Operator to Check Oddity
  • Avoid Memory Leaks
  • Use Manual Operation if Necessary
  • Avoid Using For Loops With Indexes
  • Choose the Right Time Operations

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