Leher Clone : Launch A Live Discussion Social Media App Like Leher

Leher Clone : Launch A Live Discussion Social Media App Like Leher

Become the next big rival to the Clubhouse app in your territory with Leher Clone. Let’s take you through a journey where you will learn the knacks.

Ever since Clubhouse got into existence, there has never been a day where no one talks about it. By offering something more exclusive and unique and bringing in the entry of the best tech titans, the app is always a grist of the gossip mill.

Yes, it is piquing the curiosity in many, but there’s no wrong in saying that people are disappointed with not getting the best experience along with the elites. In an attempt to bring an alternative to it, an app called Leher is going around in circles. Though the app has been in and around for three years, it came into the spotlight given the buzz around Clubhouse.

The New Addition To The Indian Deviants- Leher

Over the last few months, there have been talks about the alternatives of the social media mammoths in India. Though the launch of these alternatives started with the ban of numerous Chinese apps, the numbers springing up doesn’t seem to simmer down because of new WhatsApp and Twitter alternatives like Sandes and Koo getting traction.

As a new influx to this list, the Leher app has been back-fence talk. Once Indians came to the conclusion that the chances are thin for them to use the Clubhouse iOS app, they flocked together to use Leher.

Leher Was Founded By Atul Jaju And Vikas Malpani In 2018 As A Live Group Discussion App, Where Users Can Interact With The Audience Over The Web On A Real-Time Basis. Users Can Create Private Clubs Within The App And Talk About Various Topics With Like-Minded People. People Have Grown Affinity Towards The App, And The Average Rating Of 4.3 Stars Out Of 5 Is Testimony For It.

Read Here For More Info, https://www.appdupe.com/blog/leher-clone/

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