Variable Names — Verbs and Nouns Parsed From top Javascript Libraries

Variable Names — Verbs and Nouns Parsed From top Javascript Libraries

Building a Variable Name Dictionary by parsing React, Angular, Express and other JS library

The problem

When an error message is thrown in the error log or finding a solution to “sort json array by key python”, it is likely that I can find the answer or at least some hints on the Internet. But when it comes to naming a variable, it tells me to name a meaningful, expressive, self-descriptive variable. The variable names need to follow the convention. In Javascript, variable and function names should be written in camelCase. I should use nouns for variable names and verbs for function names. And never use a meaningless name such as foo and bar (it turns out many JS libraries are using them, but only for unit test or benchmark)

I know these rules. But the problem is not that my variable names violate these rules. The problem is I cannot come up with a variable name which I am satisfied. And I think it is because I don’t have enough “coding vocabulary” in my mind. Therefore, I decided to learn more vocabulary from other developers and tried to categorise them into verbs, nouns, and adjectives.

In the Javascript world, the giants are React, Angular, Express, and many other top libraries published in NPM.

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