A Beginner’s Guide to Static Routing in Next.js

A Beginner’s Guide to Static Routing in Next.js

Tutorial on Next.js Static Routing. It covers how to create routes and navigate between pages.

Routing in an application is the ability to change urls and go from one page to another. It’s a major component in any web application. Thankfully, Next.js comes with a built-in logic concerning routing.

This tutorial will be focusing on static routing and cover:

How to create routes in Next.js

  • Index Routes (such as /)
  • Static Routes (/about)
  • Nested Static Routes (/products/new_arrivals)

How to navigate between pages

  • Next.js Link Component
  • useRouter Hook
  • withRouter HOC

To better illustrate this concept, I will be using the example of an online store. This store will have three pages: Home, About and New Arrivals. We will be going over the different ways how to implement routing between them. Here is the end result!

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