Shopify Out of Stock Notification App for Shopify Store | HubifyApps

Re-engage users when the product is back in stock notification app on email, SMS, and web push notifications. Back in stock alerts for product and collections.

Asp.Net Core / DotNet Core MVC - AutoMapper 🔥🔥🔥👇👇👇

In this video , we are going to learn how to use AutoMapper in an ASP.NET Core application.We are going to start by looking into what the AutoMapper is and w...

Asp.Net Core / DotNet Core MVC - How to implement the View Model | ViewModel 🔥🔥🔥👇👇

How to implement the View Model | ViewModel..In real-time applications, a single model object may not contain all the data required for a view. In such situa...

The 5 Best React Notification Component for Your App

The React Notification renders a brief message to the user with information about the status of an application process and enables you to animate its rendering and control its position.

Chrome 86 Aims to Bar Abusive Notification Content

Google said Chrome 86 will automatically block malicious notifications that may be used for phishing or malware.