Distributed SQL Summit Recap: Envoy and Service Meshes for Databases

Distributed SQL Summit Recap: Envoy and Service Meshes for Databases

In a microservice architecture, a service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer. Its primary function is to ensure that service-to-service contact is quick and reliable.. Check out our recap.

At the [Distributed SQL Summit 2020] , Christoph Pakulski, software engineer at [Tetrate] , and Prasad Radhakrishnan, VP of data engineering at Yugabyte presented the talk “[Envoy and Service Meshes for Databases: What the Future Holds] ”. In the talk, they explored the topics of Envoy, service meshes–specifically Istio, and how they intersect with the database world. Christoph explained the [Envoy PostgreSQL network filter extension] released earlier in the year, and showed it in action out-of-the-box with YugabyteDB, a PostgreSQL-compatible database. The talk ended with a look into future enhancements to further streamline app dev with Envoy and YugabyteDB.

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