Learning Python: Itertools

Learning Python: Itertools

Everything you can use “for... in..." on is an iterable; lists, strings, files. Let’s learn more itertools with explanations and examples.

The iterator is defined as object types which contains values that can be accessed or iterated using a loop. There are different iterators that come built-in with Python such as lists, sets, etc. Itertools is the Python module that contains some inbuilt functions for generating sequences using iterators.

There are different types of Iterators:

  1. Infinite Iterators: These type of iterators produce infinite sequences.(count(), cycle(), repeat())
  2. Short sequence iterators (terminating): These iterators produces the sequences which terminate after certain iterations.(accumulate(), chain(), compress(), dropwhile(), filterfalse(), *zip_longest() *etc.)
  3. Combinatorics generator functions: These generators produce the sequences in combinations related to the input arguments.(product(), permutations(), combinations(), combinations_with_replacement())

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