17 Games on CodePen That Will Teach You About Programming

17 Games on CodePen That Will Teach You About Programming

In this tutorial, we will learn 17 games on codepen that will teach you about programming. Live codes you can edit and live games you can play.

For me, learning to code from others is another way of improving my programming skills. Programmers out there openly shared their projects with the world in places like CodePen and Github.

If you’ve been planning to create your mini-game with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, this list can help you out. You can read each game's source code below, study them, and create your own game.

1. Memory game

2. RGB Color Game

3. Pong Game with JavaScript

3. Coronavirus Invaders

4. Coronavirus Shooting game

5. Pickle Rick Maze Game

6. Bullseye Game

7. Stickman Fight

8. Snake Game

9. Zombie Mayhem

10. Lingo Game

11. Arrow Defense Game

12. Tilting Maze Game

13. Tic Tac Toe Game

14. Avoid Asteroids

15. Chess Game

16. HTML5 Racing Game

17. Game Logic


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